Unorganised workers Federation extends their solid support for Com. Wilson

Campaign team today went around many other parts of the Vilavankodu constituency, that were not covered till date. The campaign team went around meeting people at all the junction points and distributed leaflets and talked to them on the need to vote for Wilson, rather than the capitalist fronts. Wilson, the people’s candidate of the Vilavankodu constituency talked to most of the people at the junction points and explained on the need to vote for the change to bring about the worker peasant to power.

National Leader of Unorganised workers Federation, Katida Thozhilar Panchayat Sangam (Construction workers union), Pennurimai Iyakkam (Organization for Women’sRights) Ms. Geetha, had called on the all workers to vote for Com Wilson, in a meeting at Arumanai Junction. Meeting in which many construction worker participated, Com.Geetha stated the fact that workers conditions have not improved, in spite of change of governments. Workers rights and people’s livelihood are trampled on the mud in the endeavor of the parties in power to defend and support capitalist drive for maximum profits and loot. She further explained to the workers and people of Arumanai how the present political system is unjust and unfair towards workers. In the electoral process, she said there are different set of rules for the “recognized parties” and yet another set of rules for others. She questioned how this can be called a level playing field and democracy.  It is for everybody to see how money power and power of goondas are playing its part in the state of affairs and elections. She appreciated Com.Wilson and all the supporting organizations to have taken a bold step in contesting the elections and putting forward the concerns of workers and peasants at the center stage. She called on all the workers to support Com. Wilson and vote for the Battery Torch symbol to dismantle the strong hold of the recognized parties on this system.

Other comrades who spoke on the occasion pointed out how parties are unconcerned of the plight of the workers due to the steep price rises. Congress has removed all price controls on Petrol and allowed the companies to set prices as they like. 50% of the petrol prices constitute taxes imposed by government. If Congress wanted to reduce the burden on the people, they could have cut the taxes on Petrol, which would have cut the petrol prices by more than 50% of its current price. But Congress is not bothered about the sufferings of the people on account of the price rise.

During a recent petroleum price rise, acknowledging the concerns of the people, even the open capitalist party DMK has deferred state tax on the raised amount. But “communists” CPM who have vociferously opposed the petroleum products price rise, have flatly refused to even do this token reduction in state taxes in West Bengal where they rule!  

That shows whether CPM is really a communist party and whether they stand for the welfare of worker-peasants. It also exposed the bankruptcy of the hue and cry which BJP makes as an opposition.

On the same occasion, BJP also opposed the price rise of petroleum products and organized nationwide bandh. But when BJP leader Advnani was asked if he will revoke this petrol price rise, if they come to power, he categorically said “No”.  This very clearly shows the double talk of these parties and their sham “opposition” to the price rises!

In the Vilavankodu constituency, the current sitting MLA is from CPM. Today we see the conditions of roads in Vilavankodu constituency are terrible, remind us of the pre-industrial age. Also, there are so much of unemployment among youth. Prices have been sky-rocketing. We the people of the constituency need to know what has the current MLA done on any of these hard –pressing issues hitting the people on a day-to-day basis. If they are unable to resolve these issues all these years, how are they going to solve them in the coming years and on what basis are they asking us to vote?

Also, the speaker pointed out, just 5 years back CPM asked the electorate to vote against ADMK and to vote for DMK, providing the facts that ADMK was a corrupt party, anti-people, etc. Today they have reversed the plate and asking people to vote for ADMK front! What has changed in these 5 years to ask people to ask people to vote for ADMK alliance? Is this communism to line up the workers and peasants behind one capitalist party or another on every election? And are the worker and peasants so much out of their mind to vote for such politics, he questioned.

The speaker questioned, Workers and peasants are more than 90 percent of the population and why can’t we actually take power in our hands? Why should we be running behind these capitalist parties, who have stated by deeds that they will not run the system in the interest of the workers and peasants, and that they will only be ruling in the interest of the capitalists as they have done for the last 60 years. This means that, we the people have to change the system to ensure that we can rule. We cannot retain the same exploitative and oppressive system and run it in the interest of the workers and peasants.

The speaker pointed out that in order to fight for changes in political process and to bring workers and peasants to power, Makkalatchi Iyyakkam, Communist Ghadar Party of India, Unorganised workers Federation, Kattida Thozhilar Panchayat Sangam, National Alliance of Peoples movement, and many other organizations are supporting the candidate Com.T.Wilson nominated by the people. He called on the people to exercise their vote and elect the worker candidate T. Wilson, by voting in Battery Torch. The campaign was well received by the audiences at various junction points.


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