The following suggested readings are highly recommended for an improved understanding of history, economics, politics, revisionism, socialism and communism.


Read this full article for a further listing of recommended readings.

Party Documents (Publications)

For CGPI party documents, please refer to our Publications section. However the following are recommended priority reading:

  1. What Kind of Party
  2. Whither India
  3. Breaking the Barriers to Unity
  4. Only Communism can save India
  5. 2nd Congress reports
  6. 3rd Congress reports
  7. 4th Congress reports

Other Publications

  1. Necessity for Change - Hardial Bains
  2. Call of the Martyrs - Hardial Bains
  3. Last Reforms - Hardial Bains
  4. Modern Communism - Hardial Bains
  5. Crisis of Values - Hardial Bains
  6. Letters - Hardial Bains
    1. Its a Matter of Conscience 
    2. Its a Matter of Justice
    3. Its a Matter of Concern
    4. Its a Matter of Responsibility
  7. The State of Human Rights after Cold War - Hardial Bains

Recommended Classics

  1. Principles of Communism - Engels
  2. The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx
  3. Foundations of Leninism - Stalin
  4. Socialism, Utopian & Scientific - Engels
  5. Origin of the Family, Private Property and State - Engels
  6. Imperialism, Highest Stage of Capitalism - Lenin
  7. State & Revolution - Lenin
  8. Imperialism and Revolution - Hoxha
  9. Kruschevites - Hoxha
  10. Titoites - Hoxa

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