Hiroshima and Nagasaki

65 years ago, the United States of America (USA) dropped atom bombs on two towns of Japan.

On August 6, 1945, the atom bomb was exploded over Hiroshima, and on August 9, 1945, over Nagasaki. Nearly three lakh women, men and children died within a period of two months after the dropping of the bombs, half of them on the days of the bombings. The long term effects of the radiation has effected entire generations. The people of Japan and the rest of the world can never forget or forgive the US imperialists for this grave crime against humanity.

Japanese imperialism had lost the war, and was on the verge of surrender to the allied forces led by the Soviet Union and US. The struggle of millions of peoples of China, Vietnam, Korea, Burma, Malaya, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, and last but not the least, the great contribution of the Soviet Union, which sent a million red armymen to liberate Manchura (part of China) in August 1945 from the Japanese yoke, had created conditions for this surrender. The atom bombs were not aimed at any military targets — there were none left. For 6 months on end, the US had carpet bombed most of the cities of Japan, wreaking death and destruction everywhere. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as targets, because these two cities had been spared carpet bombing, with the aim of testing the impact of atom bombs!

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a message to the socialist Soviet Union and the peoples who had risen up in struggle against fascism and imperialism in Europe and Asia, that US imperialism would now taken on the mantle of fascism from Hitler and Tojo. It would lead the crusade of world imperialism against the revolutionary and liberation strugggles of the peoples of the world. The track record of US imperialism in the past 65 years confirms this.



In Europe, US forces crushed the revolutionary uprising of Greek people immediately after the Second World War. Throughout Western Europe, it established miltary bases to put down any possible uprising of the working class and people, and to threaten the Soviet Union and countries of Peoples Democracies.  In Asia, US forces first supported the Kuomintang of Chang Kai Shek against the Chinese peoples liberation struggle, and partitioned and occupied Korea. US forces occupied Japan, and till today have a military base in Okinawa, against the wishes of the Japanese people.When the French colonialists were defeated by the heroic Vietnamese liberation struggle, the US imperialists marched in to take their place, occupied South Vietnam, and carried on one of the bloodiest and longest wars in history, killing millions of Vietnamese, until they were finally defeated in 1975. In Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos US forces unleashed bloody wars to crush the revolutionary liberation struggles of the peoples against colonialism and imperialism.

During the Cold War period, US imperialism was joined by the Social imperialist Soviet Union in putting down the revolutionary and liberation struggles of the peoples. The end of the Cold War has not changed US imperialism's rapacious, fascist and warmongering character. The dismemberment of Yugoslav Federation, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the daily threats to North Korea, Iran and Cuba, as well as the impunity with which it launches missile attacks on any country in the name of "war against terrorism" are but a few indicators of its unchanged course. US imperialism has armed itself to the teeth with nuclear and conventional weapons of mass destruction that can destroy the whole world ten times over. It threatens every country and people who challenge its supremacy, and who want to chart their own economic and political course, with nuclear holocaust. Its armed forces roam the whole world.

The working class and peoples of the world, the freedom loving countries, have never submitted to the fascist terror threatened and unleashed by the US, or its nuclear and conventional weapons blackmail. They have fought, and continue to fight against imperialism, fascism and war, for revolution and national liberation, for the right to determine their own destiny. The anniversary of the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a call to the working class and peoples, to continue relentlessly on the path of struggle against imperialism, fascism and war.


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