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I read with great interest the in-depth article entitled ``What is the trouble with Air India and who is the trouble-maker?'' posted on the party web-site on the 17th of July 2011.

I have gathered the following from the article which I would like to express in bullet points as follows:

* Most AI workers agree that the current CMD, Ministers of UPA I and II have sabotaged the airline so as to put it up for privatization,

*The Government has made a half-hearted attempt to revive it, and there are sections of captalists who want to see its immediate liquidation,

*The Government has not been able to explain several disastrous decisions such as purchase of expensive aircraft, sabotaging of profit making sector, and not been able to take action against Mr. Arvind Jadhav who appears to be in the pay of Boeing,

*The Government is not showing any seriousness of purpose in saving the airline, and possibly waiting for the right time to go for liquidation.

The article further shows that capitalists are circling the skies like vultures to pick on what will be the carcass of AI after the policies of the CMD, Ministers and the Government play themselves out fully.

It also lays out in very clear terms the kind of cynicism and double-speak that spokesmen of the bourgeoisie, such as the boss of FICCI have been spewing in this regard. The article also spells out in three informative boxes how step by step liquidation and privatization policies are, what parts are already privatized, and how those who are defending AI are being victimized. Thus, the article is an important milestone in the struggle to save AI.

Having said the above, I would like to reflect on the observations in the article on the importance that the bourgeoisie places in liquidating AI, since it has set a standard for the industry.

The flip side of this, I would like to submit, is that the struggle to save AI would then set a standard for class struggle. This has been widely appreciated by the party in its resolute struggle to defending AI. I would like to congratulate the party in its taking this stand.


S. Nair, Kochi


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