Mazdoor Ekta Lehar is publishing a letter it has received in response to the interview with Comrade Lal Singh

A very important document for the working class

The document that was published on 23rd March, and distributed widely across the country among the working class, youth, toilers and intelligentsia and published in Mazdoor Ekta Lehar, is very important for the proletariat and toilers. It is important because this document exposed every illusion created by the capitalist system in a very straightforward and simple manner. It is these illusions that have misled the struggle of the proletariat and misdirected it.

This document is a summation of the experience of the proletariat and of the experience of Communist Ghadar Party gained in the course of the class struggle waged over so many years. The document explains what kind of challenges we have to face and how we have to prepare the working class for revolution.

It clarifies the real nature of corruption and its historical context. The definition of corruption is clarified in Com. Lal Singh's view on the first question posed to him, “the misuse of one's position in the government and using own position to extort from the public instead of serving them.”

“The Arthashastra, formulated more than 2500 years ago, treats in great detail the numerous forms in which the State may be deprived of its revenues and the forms in which public funds may be misused or misreported. From this it can be concluded that corruption is not a new problem. It is as old as the division of society into classes with conflicting interests.”

Reading further, it becomes evident that the Indian State its institutions and the political parties do the bidding of the big capitalists. These capitalists promote people favoured by them in the parties and in government so that their interests are protected. The document is very clear on the fact that the “Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas and other monopoly houses wield enormous clout over the major parties in parliament. They even select which individual political should occupy key ministerial positions. The central government acts in the interest of fulfilling the greed of capitalist monopolies for maxmum profits.

The document elaborates in a very meaningful way on the question of what is meant by a honest political party in the context of today's political process. It is clearly explained that this whole pretence of honesty is in fact to save the capitalist system and divert the struggle for the real rights of the people.

Explaining this in response to the question, Comrade Lal Singh asks, “what is an honest political party? In the class divided society we live in, a political party is either honest to the working class and all the exploited, or honest to the capitalist class and all the exploiters of labour.”

“Parties that seek recognition in the existing electoral process are required to be honest to the ruling class and spread lies among the toiling people. Even the first step in becoming a registered political party requires swearing by the lie that the existing Indian Republic and its Constitution were created by the people and represent their collective will. The truth is that the Constitution was formulated by representatives of the traitorous bourgeoisie to defend its narrow class interest.”

He further explains the role of the communist party in the present political process. With what objective has the Communist Ghadar Party of India participated in elections? He says that our main aim is for the working class to take political power and to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. To this end, we participate in this system and elections in order to raise the consciousness of the working class. The reader understands from this that, “A Communist Party is honest to the working class. It is committed to the cause of awakening the exploited and oppressed masses of workers, peasants and other toiling people to the true situation and showing the revolutionary way out of their problems. Only by revealing the truth and raising the level of consciousness of the working class and progressive forces can the conditions be created for the liberation of society from class exploitation and class distinctions.”

“Our Party does not fight to become the ruling party in the existing bourgeois democracy. We are fighting to bring the working class and toiling majority of people to power, by establishing an entirely new State and political process based on a new Constitution. We may use the electoral arena for publicising our views, but never to create illusions about the existing state and its electoral process.”

Over the previous two year, there has been a movement against corruption in India that has led to the emergence of a new party, which calls itself the party of the “Aam Aadmi,” and has called itself the Aam Aadmi Party. This party has made it very clear in the course of declaring its aim that it is not against capitalism. The interview makes it very clear that this party is part of the conspiracy of the bourgeoisie to blur the identity of the working class. The interview clarifies that the “Aam Aadmi Party claims to be neutral in the struggle between capitalism and socialism. However, it is not possible to be neutral in this matter. In the class divided society we live in, any political party will have to serve either the bourgeoisie or the working class. Any party that defends capitalism serves to maintain the rule of the bourgeoisie.”

“The very concept of 'aam aadmi' serves to blur the identity of the working class. It lowers the level of political consciousness of workers and peasants. It prompts them to forget their class identity, to think of themselves as aam aadmi and look towards 'honest' members of the capitalist class to lead them.”

The media is said to be the fourth pillar of the present capitalist democracy and it is supposed to be safeguarding the rights of the people. However, the media is a puppet in the hands of the capitalists in this capitalist democracy and it fully protects the interests of the monopoly capitalists.

“The media is directed to publish or broadcast that news which create illusions in the people, and is in the interests of capitalists. It is quite common in this system to suppress the freedom of expression and even remove from the jobs those editors and reporters who do not follow in line with the above. Com. Lal Singh has clearly explained in this document, “The Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Ltd. Which controls CNN-IBN, entered into a deal with the Network18 Group in January 2012, to become India's biggest media group, bigger than Star Group controlled by Ruport Murdoch. The Aditya Birla Group owns 27.5% of Living Media India Ltd., the company that controls Aaj Tak, and Headlines Today and many magazines including India Today. Similarly, all the major daily newspapers and TV news channels are controlled by different groups of monopoly capitalists.”

“The Chief Editors of daily newspapers and anchor persons of TV news channels have to work according to the guidelines set by capitalist owners of media companies. The reporters from the field may not know the line to be followed, but the Chief Editor makes sure that nothing that the owners do not want gets published. If some Chief Editor publishes anything that the owners do not like, he or she gets thrown out of the job.”

Comrade explained in response to the question of imperialism that it conspires to destabilise various regimes. This becomes very clear that, “destabilising existing political arrangements and spreading chaos, so as to create the conditions for a “regime change” in favour of Anglo-American imperialism, is very much part of the global imperialist offensive at this time.”

This proves that at the present time, the imperialists weaken countries in their interest which is contrary to the interests of workers and toilers. It is to the advantage of the class that the central State is weakened only when the worker-peasant front is ready to establish the State of the working class.

The interview is proving to be very useful for the working class and readers are responding very positively to it. It is proving to be very useful in enthusing and educating the working class in the context of a very low level of political consciousness prevailing in the country. It will not be an exaggeration to say that this document will prove to be a milestone for the new activists and toilers of the working class movement.

Roshan Singh,

Uttar Pradesh


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