The truth behind Operation Bluestar


I am writing to endorse the call of the CGPI `We must never forget or forgive this gravest crime against our people!’ which appears as the byline in the title of the article carried in the June 1-15, 2014 issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Operation Bluestar” in which the Indian Army under the orders of the Union Government carried out one of the great atrocities against the people of India. Thousands of innocent people were massacred in a display of the brute strength of the Indian state. This signalled the watershed in the history of the country, and marked the beginning of the rise of India as an imperialist power. Such an event demonstrated the wanton bloodlust of the Indian ruling circles. It was a signal that in the coming decades India would be kept on edge with period bloodbaths and communal massacres, a background against which no revolutionary upsurge would be possible. It was the most cynical of ploys to cobble together a vision of India as a country that was constantly under threat from within and without. In such a scenario, the state would have no alternative but to go on the path of state repression on the one hand, and state terror on the other.

Tired slogans like `external threat’, `terrorist threat’, `threat to the unity and integrity of India’ would be the stock in trade of the ruling circles to mount their continued attacks on the people of India. Only against such a background would it be possible to set up an economic and political machinery that would suck the blood of the people of India, which would lead to the vast enrichment of the big industrial houses and the big agricultural capitalists.

It is important that the revolutionary camp is continually reminded of the dastardly and craven nature of the Indian state to sharpen the focus of the struggle. I am writing this letter in order to support this cause.


Narayan, Bangalore


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