Jingoism and chauvinism

I am writing in response to the important and insightful article entitled `50th anniversary of the 1965 Indo-Pak war' published in the Sept. 15-30, 2015 issue of MEL.  I would like to endorse the opinion that has been expressed there that massive jingoism and chauvinism has been whipped up in the media on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the war.  At the outset, it must be noted that war can and has never been desirable for the fraternal peoples of India and Pakistan and has taken place only to the detriment of both the peoples.  This is a central feature that must be borne in mind at all times.  It may also be noted that the present government in Pakistan has expressed concern at the jingoism of the Modi government, which is to say that the Central government in India is not a peaceable one and is one that would cause concern for the peoples in the neighbouring countries.  The article further points out correctly that the 1965 war was not a victory but a stale-mate contrary to the message that is tom-tommed by the Indian official circles. 

I would further like to thank you for the important factual information in the article, including that on the context of the 1965 war, which arose against the background of the uprising of the people of Kashmir against the rule of New Delhi.  Indeed, in 1965 and in 1971 and during the Kargil war, the ruling class in Pakistan wished to bring to the fore their own claim to Kashmir, with no regard to the aspirations and rights of the people of Kashmir either.  India and Pakistan, both born in the crucible of bloodshed of the Pakistan, have ruling circles that continue to be at loggerheads, and their mutual hostility assists them at home and also assists imperialism in its aim of preventing the unity of the peoples of the region.  The 1965 war and the Tashkent agreement paved the way for the two superpowers of the cold war era to increase their involvement in the affairs of the Indian sub-continent and to also become markets for their armaments industries.  After the end of the cold war, the US imperialists use the hostility of India and Pakistan to advance its own aims of world domination, for which their `Asia pivot policy' is a keystone.

Given this scenario, what prevails between the two countries is the `no-war, no-peace' situation between the two nuclear powers. Nevertheless, this situation aids the Indian ruling circles to unleash state terror at home and to prevent the rise of a united opposition to their own exploitative and blood thirsty policies. Furthermore, the situation also allows the Indian ruling circles to advance their own imperialist aims and becoming a world power and to advance their own sphere of influence.  The warlike climate provides them the necessary pretexts to carry out these thoroughly anti-people activities.  As a further natural development to these impulses, now India itself begins to create its military-industrial complex and starts to flex its muscles.  A cover to all these activities is the dangerous trap of `patriotism' to cover up its fascistic and predatory aims.  It must be kept in mind that the Indian bourgeoisie is a thoroughly reactionary class, and one must not fall into any of the traps that is set by them.  It is particularly important that the conscious segment of the working class and its leadership not fall into this trap.  Constant reminds and education of this type is the need of the hour. 

To this end, this article is an important and compulsory reading, and I commend you for carrying it.  I second the call for close and friendly relations with the people of Pakistan and other neighbouring countries.

A.Narayanan, Bengaluru


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