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Solution lies in changing the system

Dear Sir/Madam,
I read wih great interest on the CGPI website the 20th March statement on Tamil Nadu elections titled Solution lies in changing the system, not merely the party in power.  It is a bold statement that calls a spade a spade. 

I can confirm from my own experience that the parties which emerged claiming to fight for the national rights of Tamils are today serving the interests of a minority of big capitalists at the expense of the toiling majority in this state.

An outsider who hears that the state government has a program to distribute colour television sets free of cost to all poor families may think that Tamil Nadu is a paradise compared to the rest of the country. He or she may think that all essential needs have been fulfilled for all families, including food, clothing, shelter, education and basic health care, so that the government is now focusing on television connectvity. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Poverty and unemployment are rampant in this state. While rice is available cheap, there is no guarantee as far as dal, vegetables, cooking oil or meat are concerned.  Millions of working families are stuggling to survive.

The reason why the DMK government decided to distribute Colour TV sets had nothing to do with the priority needs of working families.  It was a decision driven by cold commercial calculations. Distribution of TV sets has expanded the market for cable TV and other related products, which are sold by capitalists who are part of the DMK leadership.  Distribution of TV sets has also expanded the reach of advertising, helping all capitalist corporations to sell more. It is thus a profitable investment for the capitalists, carried out at public expense.

Political experience in Tamil Nadu has indeed shown the bankruptcy of the line being followed by the CPI(M) and CPI, who have repeatedly assisted the DMK and the AIADMK to fool the people. Life experience has also exposed the fallacy of those who follow Mao’s thought and claim that the regional capitalists are an ally of the workers and peasants at the present stage of ‘new democratic revolution’. 

Yours sincerely,
John Thangaraj, Coimbatore.

Condemn imperialist aggression on Libya

I was proud and happy to read on our party web-site, that our party vigorously participated in a demonstration at the Parliament denouncing the military activities of the imperialist USA, UK and France and NATO coalition against the sovereign nation of Libya.  

I thank the party for carrying details of the speech made by the spokesperson of the Party at the event.  His speech has clearly spelt out what the intentions of the `humanitarian intervention’ is this time, and what it has always been.  He has clearly explained what the notion of 'democracy’ is that is spread by the imperialist powers.  It is for the freedom to loot and plunder, while the working masses are free to die in poverty and destitution.  Every single intervention of the last two decades by these powers has left a trail of devastation and death for millions.  Unable to combat the crises at home that have led to unprecedented hatred for the ruling circles, and unable to sort out their own economic crises and inter-imperialist contradictions, these powers have been lurching from one disaster to another.   Despite all this, one aim they never lose sight of is their own `right’ to subjugate others and to advance their own imperialist aims here, there and elsewhere. 
The Party has made the important point in his speech that it is the people of Libya alone who have the right to decide who is to rule their country and what kind of economic system they should have.  By bringing this to the centrestage, our Party has once again demonstrated the preparedness and theoretical clarity of the line of the party. 
A Narayan, Bangalore

A profound call

I am writing to thank the CC of the CGPI for its extremely clear, simply articulated, profoundly researched statement entitled `Solution lies in changing the system, not merely the party in power! Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 20th March, 2011’ on the upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu.  The statement is a testament to the theoretical clarity of the party which has been grappling with the ever changing complexities of Indian political life guided by the most refined and scientific principles of Marxism-Leninism.  By placing the principles of class struggle and dialectical materialism as the basis of analysis, the party has explained in a few simple paragraphs what bourgeois experts have failed to (on purpose?) explain in dense volumes of their print media and hours of electronic media coverage. 

The statement has explained to the reader the origin of the political phenomena in Tamil Nadu as being rooted in the capitalist system, whereby the genuine national aspirations of the Tamil nation have been dovetailed by bourgeois parties into a vast electoral cattle on the one hand, and turning the large numbers of both highly educated and skilled, as well as unskilled labour into a vast sweatshop which is a desirable destination for the biggest monopoly houses and transnational investors.  The statement explains in simple terms what the prevailing political system in India is:  the system of parliamentary democracy of a state monopoly capitalist economy which uses elections to replace one bourgeois party by another from time to time, both to sort out internal contradictions and also to keep the people fooled about the true nature of the prevailing system in the country. 

The statement points out that the elections provide an opportunity for communists to point out what the nature of the political and economic system in India is, and to demonstrate that an alternative is possible, and also to spell out what the alternative is.  It points out that it is the essential class character of the present system that makes its overthrow and imperative for the working peoples.  It also points out that there are those in the communist camp who have unfortunately time and again frittered away these opportunities and have served to confuse the derail the consciousness, to fulfill their own narrow ambitions and also to provide a lifeline for the system.  True communists must expose the two faced nature of such activities.

I am confident that through the work of the CGPI a time will come when this alternative will be established on the soil of India and the people of this vast land will breathe the fresh air that will be a harbinger of a better tomorrow.

S. Nair, Kochi



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