Organise to end bourgeois rule and establish worker-peasant rule!

Long Live May Day!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 23 April, 2015

On the occasion of May Day, Communist Ghadar Party of India salutes the workers of all countries who are courageously fighting against the offensive of imperialism and the capitalists of the world!

In our country, the big capitalists are riding roughshod over the rights of workers, peasants, women and youth. They think that the toiling majority should live like animals while they themselves must reach the top of the world.  They are eager to catapult India into the elite imperialist club that rules the world.  For achieving this imperialist aim, the fate of our society is being placed on the gambling table. 

Labour laws have been amended, one after the other, to enable more intense exploitation of labour.  The FDI limit in insurance and pension funds has been raised to 49 percent, signaling further privatisation of insurance sector and escalation of loot of people’s hard-earned savings by capitalist monopolies, Indian and foreign, in collaboration with each other. The road to complete privatization of Indian Railways is being opened up. The Land Acquisition Law has been amended through an ordinance to make it extremely easy for the government to forcibly grab land from peasants, adivasis and other village communities and hand it over to capitalist monopolies for giant industrial and freight corridors, and other mega projects. 

Under the signboard of “Make in India!” agreements have been signed with the US, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and other imperialists.  They are agreements for intensifying the joint exploitation and plunder of the land and labour of our country. Joint production of sophisticated military equipment with the US, French, Israeli and other imperialist arms merchants is on the cards, which is a recipe for embroiling India in inter-imperialist wars. 

We who protest and fight for our rights and legitimate claims on the social product are branded as “enemies of development”, or as “anti-national”.  These labels are used to justify brutal fascist repression of our struggles.

The jails of our country are filled with tens of thousands of fighters for justice, who have been arrested, tortured and indefinitely locked up after declaring them “terrorists”, “maoists”, “extremists”, fundamentalists”, “separatists”, “militants” or some other such label. The bitter experience of over 150 workers of Maruti Suzuki in Manesar, of being brutally tortured and left to rot in the jails for nearly three years is still fresh in our memories.  So is the case of the workers and students of Delhi who faced savage police brutality on 25th March this year for simply demanding their rights as workers.

Ruling by the bullet while fooling through the ballot – this is the game being played by the cunning Indian bourgeoisie.  We workers fought many battles during the decade when the Congress Party government headed by Manmohan Singh spearheaded the capitalist offensive.  Starting in 2013, the bourgeoisie conveniently blamed Manmohan Singh’s management team for all the ills of society and promoted BJP headed by Narendra Modi as the solution.  Now the Congress Party, which supervised the loot and plunder of our land and labour during 2004-14, is pretending to be the defender of peasants’ interests against the latest Land Acquisition ordinance of the Modi government. 

Whenever they are out of power, parties like Congress and BJP pretend to be fighting for workers and peasants.  When they sit in the ruling benches, they strictly implement the program of the big capitalists.  A similar drama is being enacted by the parties of the so-called Janata parivar have merged in the name of defending Secularism.  Promoting such rival fronts and parties as the alternatives to one another is part of the game plan of the bourgeoisie to keep deceiving the people and preserve their rule.

The truth which the bourgeoisie wants to hide is that the capitalist system, by its very nature, is geared to generate prosperity only for a minority of owners of capital, by denying even basic human dignity to an increasing proportion of people.  Opening the doors of all sectors to the rapacious greed of Indian and global multinational companies and banks means to intensify the exploitation of workers and loot of the peasantry.  As long as large-scale production, banking and trade are all oriented towards private profit maximization, the gap between rich and poor is bound to grow wider.  The destruction of the natural environment is bound to grow from bad to worse.   Hence the only conclusion is that the greedy capitalist class must not be allowed to rule the country any longer.

 “Prosperity for all” will remain an empty slogan and cruel joke unless the economy is reoriented and reorganized on a socialist basis.  The means of large-scale social production, exchange and distribution must be converted from being capitalist private property and individual businesses into the common property and public affairs that belong to the people.  That will resolve the contradiction between the social character of production and the private character of ownership of the means of production.  It will put an end to recurring crises and interruptions in production due to lack of purchasing power in the hands of the working people.

Socialist reorientation will end the enrichment of a few through the exploitation of the majority.  It will bring the relations of production into harmony with the need to develop the productive forces.  There will be so much to be produced, to make every family and individual prosperous; and hence there will be more than enough jobs and work for every able and willing person to perform.  The task of socialist reorientation needs to be taken up by the working class in alliance with the peasantry.   

We, the working class, must become even more cunning than the bourgeoisie.  We must never let our aim be diverted from the main enemy, which is the bourgeoisie headed by the monopoly houses.  This is the class that controls the State which defends with brute force and terror the capitalist system, imperialist plunder and the remnants of colonialism and age-old forms of oppression. 

Our struggle is directed at replacing the rule of the bourgeoisie with the rule of workers and peasants. We must not let this struggle of class versus class be diverted by calls to line up behind the rulers in the name of defending “secular foundations of the Republic” or “Defense of national unity and territorial integrity”.

It is the exploitative and terroristic rule of the bourgeoisie which is responsible for the exacerbation of divisions in our society on the basis of nationality, language, caste, race and religion.  The bourgeoisie is also to blame for opening the doors of the country to the US and other imperialists to play their diabolical games of dividing to conquer.

The political aim of our struggle is to put an end to the unjust, brutal and dangerous rule of the greedy bourgeoisie and replace it with worker-peasant rule.  Those whose toil produces social wealth must become the master of society, so that social production can be reoriented on the basis of social property and planned economic development.  Prosperity and protection can then be assured for all members of society.  The very basis for an exploiting class to exist and thrive can be eliminated.

How can we, the workers and peasants, become the master of society?  Is it possible to do so through the existing system and political process of representative democracy?  No, it is not possible to change the bourgeois character of political power through this electoral process.  This has been proved repeatedly by life experience of over 65 years.  What we need is not merely a change of party at the helm.  We need a change of system.  We need a transformation in the nature of the State and the political process.

We have to fight for an entirely different system, based on a Constitution that vests sovereignty in the people and not in the Parliament or President or Cabinet.  We need a State that upholds two basic principles, namely: (i) sovereignty – the power to decide the course of society –belongs to the people; and (ii) the State is duty bound to ensure prosperity and protection for all members of society and ensure that their rights are never violated.  We must adopt a Constitution that defends the right of every adult member to elect and be elected, have a say in the selection of candidates before any election, enjoy the right to recall at any time the elected representative from one’s constituency, and the right to initiate legislation and approve major policy decisions through referendums.

The immediate task facing all workers at this time is to prepare for the revolutionary transformation in the course of waging the day-to-day struggles against the capitalist offensive.  We must build and strengthen our organs of class struggle and strengthen the existing mass organisations of workers and peasants. 

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon all conscious workers to actively participate in building and strengthening the united opposition to the capitalist offensive in our workplaces. Let us build and strengthen our unity in action!  Let us gain political strength by uniting around the revolutionary alternative to the privatisation liberalisation program!  Let us discuss and develop the program to vest sovereignty in the people and to reorient the economy to provide for all!

The day is not far off when we, the workers of India, will lead the peasantry and all other exploited and oppressed masses of people in a revolution that would end the bloody rule of the bourgeoisie and usher in the liberating rule of the workers and peasants!

Workers, Peasants, Women and Youth, We constitute India, We are her masters!

Let us establish the rule of workers and peasants in our country!

India demands the Red Flag on the Red Fort!


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