New Year’s Message – 2016

Unite and organise to lead the struggle for the Navnirman of India

Dear Comrades,

As we approach the year 2016, the majority of people in our country are extremely angry.  They are angry with politicians and parties that promise to address their concerns but once in power act only to enrich themselves and their capitalist patrons.  Awarding of lucrative State contracts in exchange for fat bribes, reforms in tax policies, in foreign investment and land acquisition policies, all to benefit big corporate houses, show the thoroughly parasitic nature of the existing system.  

No matter how many times parties and Ministers replace one another in New Delhi, about 150 big business houses keep growing enormously rich and still richer every year.  At the other pole, crores of workers grow poorer as their wages fail to keep pace with the soaring consumer prices.  Lakhs of peasants and tribal people get ruined each year.  Many who are unable to repay their debts are driven to suicide.  While capitalism draws more women into the labour force, working women face unbearable conditions, including the rising threat of sexual assaults.  

Indian monopoly corporations are engaged in global competition to join the elite club of leading imperialist powers of the world.  As they expand their tentacles abroad, more and more sectors of the Indian economy are being opened up for foreign monopoly corporations to penetrate.  Increasing integration with the crisis-ridden global imperialist system, pursued by successive governments headed by Congress, BJP and others, has led to huge fluctuations in commodity prices.  It has led to heightened insecurity and widespread ruination.  The fate of workers and peasants is increasingly being determined by the ups and downs of the global capitalist economy.

The agenda set by the monopoly capitalists is being marketed by Prime Minister Modi at this time under the banner of “Development for all”, “Make in India!”, “Stand up India” and other catchy slogans manufactured by capitalist advertising agencies.  

Many foreign companies are making profits in India by buying up Indian companies, and throwing workers out of jobs.  New jobs being created, such as in the auto industry, are under onerous conditions of super-exploitation of labour, with more short-term contracts than regular employment.  Rights of workers are under attack.  Labour laws are being reformed in favour of the employers, in the name of attracting foreign investment. 

Maximum capitalist profits are being made in India; and so are weapons for the armed forces and numerous goods and services for the export markets.  What is not being made are adequate quantities of dal, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and eggs required by the young and growing Indian working class.  Such essential articles of mass consumption remain unaffordable and out of reach for many among the toiling masses.

Monopoly corporations owned by Indian and foreign capitalists are increasing their penetration and domination of agricultural trade and agro-processing.  They are acquiring cultivable land for their profit making ventures, with the help of state and central governments. They are acquiring state-owned assets as well as licences to plunder the mineral and forest wealth of the country.  They are acquiring an increasing share of banking, insurance and other financial assets. 

The global economy has not recovered from the Great Depression that began in 2008.  The US-led NATO powers are continuing to unleash aggressive wars in Asia in the name of fighting “Islamic fundamentalism”.  The CIA and other imperialist intelligence agencies are sponsoring terrorist acts.  These are then used by US imperialism as the pretext to unleash bombs and drone attacks to destabilise independent states that stand in the way of its hegemonic drive.  The imperialists are spreading disinformation on a daily basis to divert the growing worldwide resistance to their domination.  They are propagating the myth that the main struggle is between different religious beliefs.

The drive of the US towards a unipolar world under its dictate is leading to acute conflict of interests with Russia, China and other states.  The rulers of India are keen to build closer relations with the US as well as with Russia, China and other Asian states.  The hectic international travel of Prime Minister Modi at this time reflects the attempts of the Indian ruling class to pursue its own imperialist interests at a time when inter-imperialist contradictions have become intense.

Workers’ protests are growing in strength all over the world.  In our country, the year 2015 witnessed an unprecedented number of strike struggles including two all-India General Strikes.  Strike struggles have taken place in major sectors of industry, transport and services, involving teachers, nurses, government employees and army veterans.  Workers in the railways, mines, banks and other state-owned enterprises have escalated their struggle against privatisation and other capital-centred reforms.  Contract workers and unorganised sector workers have stepped up their struggle for security of livelihood and recognition under labour laws.  There is growing unity of workers in action, cutting across differences in affiliation with central union federations and political parties.

The past year also witnessed numerous struggles of peasants, of women, youth, oppressed nations, nationalities and tribal peoples, and the victims of communal violence and state terrorism.  There is growing disgust with the increasingly criminalised and corrupt political process.  This has given rise to a widespread movement for people’s empowerment.  Everywhere we look, we can see that the old and rotting system is pregnant with the new.  The majority of people are striving for a civilised society that would satisfy their claims and protect their rights.  However, the exploiting minority is dead set on preserving at all cost the old system, which has become rotten to the core. 

The ruling class is responding to the growing mass movements by increasingly resorting to fascist measures.  Many parts of the country are permanently under army rule, with the fascist Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in force.  Arbitrary arrests, constant persecution and periodic “encounter deaths” of “terrorists” and “extremists” continue and are on the rise.  People are attacked for belonging to a particular caste or religious community, with the State protecting the guilty and not the victims.  Sectarian conflicts are incited on the basis of communal, caste, national and tribal identities to destroy and drown in blood the fighting unity of the people against the State.  State terrorism is on the rise, in the name of fighting cross-border terrorism and defending national unity and territorial integrity.  Whoever questions the government or any Minister or any capitalist corporation is deemed to be “anti-national” and charged with “criminal defamation” or “sedition”.

The conditions are crying out for a thorough transformation.  Indian society needs a revolution that will sweep away all remnants of old oppressive relations and eliminate the entire legacy of colonialism, including the economic orientation of maximising exploitation and plunder in the interests of a wealthy minority. 

The existing State is an instrument of rule by an exploiting minority, headed by the monopoly capitalists.  It has to be replaced by a new State which will be an instrument of rule by the toiling majority, led by the working class.  The existing party system and electoral process serve to impose the dictate of the big capitalists on society.  We need a new system of democracy, based on a new Constitution, which vests sovereignty in the hands of the people and not in the Parliament. 

Workers and peasants must be able to select and elect their best representatives to the highest decision-making bodies.  They must be able to hold those elected to account and to recall them at any time should they fail to implement the agreed upon agenda.  Instead of people placing parties in power, a political party must be duty bound to enable the people to exercise power. 

The existing capital-centred orientation of the economy needs to be replaced with a human-centred orientation, to ensure that social production and distribution are geared to fulfil human needs and ensure prosperity for all.  The means of large-scale production, trade and finance must be brought immediately under social ownership and control, depriving big capitalists of the means to loot the public and set the economic agenda.  Social control over large-scale trade will make it possible for the State to guarantee reliable input supply for agriculture and guaranteed procurement of peasants’ produce at stable and remunerative prices.  The new workers’ and peasants’ State will extend generous aid to the peasants to form cooperatives, so as to raise the scale and productivity of agricultural production. Such a course will put an end to the agrarian crisis as well as to unemployment and inflation.  Everyone will enjoy the right to work and all those who work will enjoy the benefits of the wealth their combined labour creates. 

Let us welcome the New Year with firm resolve to unite and advance the work of building political unity around this program of Navnirman.  Let us advance the work of strengthening popularly elected samitis wherever people live and work, in towns and villages, as organs of united struggle for people’s rights, cutting across differences of religion, caste and party affiliation.  Let us build and strengthen such samitis as the building blocks of the new State we want to establish. 

Comrades, I reach out to each one of you and send you warm revolutionary greetings at this time and wish you and your families the best of health.  It is by fighting for the revolutionary alternative, the program to empower the people and reorient the economy to provide for all, that our Party has succeeded in expanding its ranks and strengthening its influence within the movements of the working class and people.  By persisting on this path, I have full confidence that we will restore the unity of communists, at the head of a politically united working class and a powerful popular movement for people’s empowerment.  This will contribute to hasten the turn in the tide of revolution globally.  It will ensure that when the revolutionary tide turns to flow, the Indian working class is well prepared to ride that tide, in alliance with the peasantry and all the oppressed, to achieve the victory of socialism and communism on Indian soil.

With revolutionary greetings,
     Lal Singh
General Secretary,
Communist Ghadar Party of India.


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