Long live International Workers Day!

This parasitic and rotten system is a burden on the working class!

Statement of the Delhi Regional Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 1 May 2016

Comrades, Red Salute on May Day!

Over 130 years ago the working class heralded the struggle for their rights as workers demanded eight hours working day, with eight hours of rest and another eight to be dedicated to fulfilling their duties towards the society. To crush the struggle of the working class of Chicago the government of the capitalist imprisoned the workers, condemned them to harsh punishment and tortured them in various ways, including sending them to the gallows. The police and security forces of the capitalists fired upon them, killing hundreds of workers. The flag in the hands of the workers was drenched in their blood and this became the symbol of their struggle against the capitalists class.

This was the condition over 130 years ago. Conditions remain the same in our country today.

Eight trade union leaders of Pricol factory in Coimbatore Tamilnadu have been sentenced to double life imprisonment for daring to wage  struggle demanding their rights. 150 workers of Maruti-Suzuki have been incarcerated in prison for over two years for asserting their right to form a union of their choice – thirty workers are still languishing in jail. Three thousand workers of Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) located at Tapukheda on the border of Haryana and Rajasthan were brutally attacked by the police of both the states on 19 February 2016. These workers were demonstrating against the attack on their fellow-workers by the management and their hired goons. The brutal attack by the police on the workers of Honda Motors, who were demonstrating at the Secretariat in Gurgaon, is still fresh in our memory.

We have never seen any capitalist being sent to prison for violating labour laws, even when workers have lost their life on account of lack of safety measures at factory and work places.  The murderer of thousands of workers and residents of Bhopal, the chief of Union Carbide Warren Anderson lived in luxury till the end of his life. Instead of sending the criminal to jail, the government ensured his safe passage out of the country. Every moment somewhere, one or other capitalists is endangering the lives of workers to ensure that their greed for profits is fulfilled. There is a long list of capitalists who have murdered the leaders of the working class who were waging determined struggle in defense of the rights of the workers.

This is not surprising, since the capitalist class is the master of this state. How can the master punish himself?

The capitalist class is very happy with the government of their “dynamic” sevak (servant) Narendra Modi. They brought this government of Narendra Modi to power to implement the programme of liberalization, privatization and globalization, which was initiated by the Congress Party and faithfully carried out the governments of Congress Party, and BJP at the centre and states. They are inviting the foreign capitalists under the slogan of “make in India” to invest in India. They are sending the message to capitalists across the world, “you are welcome to exploit the labour of the young workers and rich natural resources, and the state will provide you all protection, and crush any opposition from the people of India”. 

A number of measures is being taken by the government to intensify the exploitation of labour to fulfill the imperialist ambitions of the bourgeoisie. Recently, a scheme to maximize the profits of the capitalists was launched in the name of “start-up India”. Over and above the loot of the labour through the company in the process of production, these start-ups will be getting exemption from paying taxes, ESI, provident fund, and laws under Trade Union Act for 5 years. The governments at the center and the state are vying with each other to bring in pro-capitalist legislations to remove any restriction on exploitation of labour. The Apprentice Act has been amended so that the capitalists can keep the youth of the country as apprentices  and trainees for years, thoroughly exploiting them, squeezing out the last drop of their blood, and using them for production without paying even minimum wages.

The central government has made a proposal that in factories where less than 40 workers are employed or with a contractor under whom less than 50 workers are working,  workers will have no rights. If this becomes law, crores of workers working under such conditions will be deprived of all their rights. The central government has also proposed that factories that employ less than 300 permanent workers will not be required to seek permission from the government before declaring retrenchment or lockout. All these proposals are in the interests of the capitalists. At present, the owner of any factory that is employing 100 or more workers, has to seek approval of the government before undertaking retrenchment or declaring lockout. But due to countrywide struggles and opposition of the workers the government has not been able to enact these anti-worker amendments. The bourgeoisie is bringing in these amendments in one state after the other. So far, state governments in Haryana and Rajasthan have effected these changes in labour laws.

At the same time the doors of government treasury has been opened for fulfilling the ambitions of the capitalists. The government collects huge sum of revenue from the working class through direct and indirect taxes. It keeps waiving off the huge amounts of loans amounting to thousands of crores advanced to big capitalists that have not been paid back. Recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) handed over the names of defaulters who owe more than Rs.500 crore loans to various banks, to the Supreme Court in a sealed envelope. While handing the list to the Supreme Court the RBI requested that these names should not be made public. The RBI gave the argument that if the names are made public then the relationship between the bank and the defaulter capitalist borrower will be compromised, it will adversely affect the “business environment” and many capitalists may move away from India.

It is quite clear that the RBI is very concerned about the interests of the ruling capitalist class. On the other hand when the farmer who produces the food grain that feeds the country is not able to pay-back his loan, he is harassed and pushed to commit suicide.

The capitalists have become the owners of huge finance capital accumulated through exploitation of the labour power of our country,  the loot of natural resources and expropriation of factories and plants built on the sweat and toil of Indian people, and today are being counted amongst the richest billionaires in the world. Their wealth spread all across the globe is increasing many times every year. In our country there are 1000 such capitalists whose personnel worth is more than Rs. 650 crore. In  2000 just one percent of the population owned 37 percent of the country’s total wealth. By 2015 this has grown to 53 percent of the total wealth. During the same period, the wealth owned by bottom 50 percent of the poor fell from 5.3 percent to 4.1 percent.

How come such a small number of capitalists have been ruling over us for such a long time? Before Independence, only 50000 British were ruling over 30 crore Indians. The British colonialists created a section of people, who were Indians only by skin and colour, but their thinking, education and training was British. The Indian capitalists prospered and developed under the protection of the British colonialists. They divided the people on the basis of religion and caste and made them fight against each other. The British established the system of loot through the arms of their state – the police, army, bureaucracy, and judiciary, etc.

The Indian capitalists class are the inheritors of the British colonialists. Although they they are small in numbers, only 150 big business houses, who lead 2 lakh capitalists, are ruling over 125 crore Indians. Their parties which form governments at the center and the state, manage this state on behalf of the capitalists class.  To crush the opposition of the people to increasing loot of the country through the anti-national, anti-workers and anti-people policies, the state creates a climate of communal hatred time to time. Under the pretext of threat to the unity and integrity of the country, it targets people of specific religion, beliefs and persuasion. Those who disagree with the state are imprisoned under the sedition law established by the British. Those who fight for justice are attacked by the foot soldiers of the bourgeoisie’s political parties in the service of the state and are protected and encouraged by the state. The unity of the people is attacked. The workers and peasants who stand up against this increasing loot are crushed using state terrorism. “Divide and Rule” is the motto of the capitalists ruling class. Using this tactics handful of capitalists are able to rule over masses of people.

The capitalists class appoints its “sevak” (servant) to rule over people. This is done through the elections. The political parties compete with each other to become “sevaks”. The political party which is in the best position to implement the programme of the capitalists is given the opportunity to form the government and serve the capitalist class. This is similar to how a manager is appointed in your factory. That is the reason why you cannot expect that the manager will ever defend your interest. He has been appointed not to look after your interest, but to serve the interests of the owner.  The same logic is applicable to the government.

Changing  the government through vote means changing the management team of the capitalists and later singing paeans to this democracy –  is that the role of working class?  Not at all! The role of the working class is to overthrow the rule of the capitalist class and establish the rule of the working class.

Over 130 years ago the workers laid down their life to uphold their dignity! They waged the struggle to win their right to an 8 hours working day. Their struggle is our struggle today. We, who drive the economy through our blood and toil, we who create wealth –  we are bank and insurance workers, rail and transport workers, health and education workers,  post and courier workers, factory workers, loaders, workers engaged in providing various services, the entire working class and the peasants who produce food for the country - we are the real masters, the “maalik” of this country. The entire economy rests on our shoulder. Only this working class has the will and the capacity to put an end to the rule of the capitalist class.

The Communist Ghadar Party calls on all the members of the working class to rise up and unite for the renewal of India; to wage battle against the rule of the capitalist class for the reorientation of the economy that will fulfill the needs of all people, for establishing a universal education-system and health system, for establishisng  ownership of those who produce over the fruits of their labour, over natural resources and over instruments of production;. We must unite to end this system based on exploitation and discrimination and establish a socialist system that will guarantee security and prosperity of all! Victory shall be ours! The red flag of working class that was hoisted 130 years ago is flying high!

Inquilaab Zindabad!

Long live International Workers Day!


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