Loj Raj Samiti formed in Sangam Vihar: Unite in defence of Rights!!


On 21 February 2016, amidst great enthusiasm, the residents of Sangam Vihar formed Lok Raj Samiti in their area to organise and lead the struggle in defence of their rights. Women and youth participated in the meeting in large numbers.

A presidium was formed for conducting the meeting which included Lokesh Kumar, member AIC of LRS, local residents Sunil Kumar, Morya ji, Bajrang Singh and Rajan, who were greeted by people. Lalit Kumar of Lok Raj Sangathan conducted the meeting.

Welcoming those present he said that people have settled in this area for more than 30 years. Majority of them are working people who have to face terrible conditions of living. There are people with different ideological and political leanings and they also have differences. Many parties divide people on various basis for electoral gains. We will have to rise above these differences and unite and think about the colony and the future of our children. We will have to create such an atmosphere where people of different views, castes, religion can unite and fight together for our rights. Lok Raj Sangathan stands in defence of right to conscience of all people.

Lokesh Kumar congratulated the people of Sangam Vihar for coming together to form Lok Raj Samiti in their area and organising to fight for their rights. Sunil Kumar gave the analogy of grapes and said that when grapes are in bunch they fetch higher price as compared to when they are alone. If we unite our voice will be heard across not only Delhi, but across India. Otherwise it will remain confined to our own house. Many other speakers addressed the gathering including Maurya ji, Ashok Akela, Rakesh Thakur, Bajrang Singh and others. All the speakers appealed to people to join the Lok Raj Samiti and get organised to wage struggle for their rights.

At the end of the meeting Lok Raj Samiti elections were conducted amidst enthusiasm. Concluding the meeting Rajan recited a poem appealing to all people to strengthen the Lok Raj Samiti to ensure a bright future for our youth and children.


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