Down with the US imperialist attacks on Pakistan!

The government and people of Pakistan have every right to defend their sovereignty!

The US imperialists are increasing their pressure on Pakistan in the name of "War against terrorism".  US President Obama, in his speech on June 22, 2011, openly threatened Pakistan that it must fall in line with the US "war on terrorism" and that the US will continue to strike targets in Pakistan.

Pakistan is now being portrayed by the imperialists, led by US, as the fountainhead of terrorism, whereas, in fact, it is US imperialism that has been and remains the fountainhead of international terrorism. All Pakistanis are being portrayed as terrorists. The people of Pakistan who are increasingly coming on to the streets against US imperialism and its drone attacks, that have killed hundreds and thousands of civilians in the Eastern border provinces of their country, are portrayed as terrorists and extremists. World public opinion is being systematically prepared by the US imperialists for war against Pakistan and its dismemberment. This is an extremely dangerous situation, not only for the people of Pakistan, but for India as well.

In the name of 'joint operations against terrorism', US military forces as well as its intelligence agencies have had a free hand in Pakistan for several years now. This has angered the Pakistani people. Last year, when the floods ravaged large parts of Pakistan, the Air Force bases under US control, instead of assisting flood ravaged people, actually diverted the floods from the airport to populated residential areas, causing immense human and material damage. Earlier this year, a US intelligence agent shot dead two youth in broad daylight in Islamabad, giving rise to massive protests. This agent was released by the Pakistani government after immense pressure was put on it by the US.

The midnight attack in Abbotabad carried out on May 1, 2011, in which US air commandos claim to have killed Osama bin Laden, has roused the entire Pakistani people in opposition to the violation of their country's sovereignty. It has awakened them to the grave danger posed by US imperialism. US President Obama has openly justified the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and arrogantly asserted that he will repeat it if and when necessary. 

Obama's threat follows the decision of the government of Pakistan, forced by public anger, to expel hundreds of US military trainers, following the raid on Abbotabad. Earlier, following the public outrage against the killing of the Pakistani youth by the US intelligence operative, many intelligence operatives had been kicked out.

Pakistan has also halted U.S. drone flights from air bases inside the country – although the missile-firing Predators and Reapers continue to fly from Kandahar in Afghanistan to target border areas of Pakistan.

In response to these moves, the US has announced that it has put around 800 million dollars of military aid to Pakistan on hold. This constitutes more than one third of the 2 billion dollar annual aid to Pakistan. This is being done to pressurise the Pakistani army to toe the American line. White House Chief of Staff William Daley said on July 10, 2011 that while Pakistan has "been an important ally in the fight on terrorism… now they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid we are giving to the military, and we are working through that".

American aims

U.S. President Obama has said he views Afghanistan-Pakistan as a single theatre and has pledged to concentrate on what he calls “the right war.”

150,000 US and other foreign troops have occupied Afghanistan. An unspecified number of US troops are in Pakistan. What is the aim of the US?

Afghanistanand Pakistan straddle an important region, bordering oil rich Iran and oil and gas rich Central Asian States. Pakistan borders China and India. China and India are two countries that the US sees as rivals in this century, which are potential threats to its dream of complete world domination. Pakistan is the route by which China accesses the Indian Ocean. To the North lies Russia, another big power and another potential threat. The US keeps trying to push a wedge into India-China relations, so that these two powers do not get together. It tries to prevent any efforts by any section in India or Pakistan who want to overcome the history of hostilities between these two countries.  The US wants Pakistan completely under its dictate, so that it can put pressure on China, India, Russia and Iran. The occupation of Afghanistan was part of its plan to encircle Iran and Pakistan. The occupation and possible dismemberment of Pakistan is part of its plans, directed first and foremost against China, but also against India.

Ten years ago, Pakistan was forced into cooperating with US plans in Afghanistan, because of US threats, the threats from India, as well as the myopic and self serving ambitions of its rulers. The people of Pakistan are footing the bill for this now.

The ruling circles of our country are also myopic and self serving. They do not want to admit that it is the US that was and remains the fountainhead of terrorism world wide, as well as in our region, and that Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries are the victims of this. They do not want to draw the right lessons from what has happened in Pakistan. Instead of rallying public opinion in India against the US plans in South Asia, they are trying to coordinate their Pakistan strategy with the US. As soon as the US announced its cut in military aid to Pakistan, the Indian government immediately announced its approval.  The Indian ruling class guilty of endangering the sovereignty of India and peace in this region through this attitude.

The times are demanding that the US attacks on the sovereignty of Pakistan be condemned by our people as an attack on our sovereignty. We must reach out to the government and people of Pakistan in these moments of crisis and offer the hand of friendship. We must step up the struggle to unite the people of India in defence of sovereignty and peace, against the US imperialist occupation of Afghanistan and its war plans against Pakistan. 


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