Message of greetings from Comrade Lal Singh to all party comrades on the occasion of the New Year 2012

Dear comrades,

The New Year is before us and at this time, looking back at how this year went, I congratulate all of you for pouring all your energies this past year to organize the working class and peasantry in defence of their rights. Guided by the Party line, you have ensured that we communists do not fall prey to the diversions of the bourgeoisie. Your work has ensured that we have made significant advances over the year.

As you all know, the year that is now passing away has been one of great turmoil worldwide. The capitalist system is caught in deepest crisis. The bourgeoisie has been shifting the burden of the crisis onto the backs of the working class and toiling masses. They have unleashed fascism and war. They are organising one diversion after another to prevent the working class from taking the road of the proletarian revolution. The spectre of communism haunts them!

We communists know that our role and duty is to lead the working class for a proletarian revolution. We know that the working class must replace capitalist democracy with proletarian democracy and build the new socialist society free from all forms of exploitation and oppression. The situation in our country and the world is demanding that the working class takes political power in its own hands. All of us have the exciting and challenging task this coming year of preparing the working class for this historic mission.

Comrades, we have launched an important initiative to engage all communists in discussion on the urgent necessity for preparing the working class to take political power into its own hands. I call upon you to take up this task and spare no effort in taking this widely in every region of the country.Let us put pressure on everyone calling themselves communist to take a clear stand on this question— are they or are they not agreed on the urgent necessity to prepare the working class to take political power and establish proletarian democracy in place of capitalist democracy?

Comrades, even for one moment we cannot forget that the key to the success of all this work is the Party which we have built with such care and love over these 31 years. We have built a Party based firmly on the Leninist organisational principles, with unity of thinking and action. The credit for this goes to each one of us. Every decision is taken after widest discussion in the respective organisations of the Party and we firmly implement the principle of collective decision making with individual responsibility.

We have full faith in our science and the line of the party which is based firmly on this science of Marxism Leninism. This is how we have marched ahead unwaveringly, with revolutionary optimism and determination all these 31 years. I call upon all of you to further strengthen and expand the party organisations in the midst of the working class, in particular in the midst of its most advanced and organised sections.

Dear comrades, I am confident that in the coming year, you will work with redoubled enthusiasm and determination to fulfill the tasks outlined by the Party. There can be no loftier mission in life than to dedicate oneself to the cause of the liberation of the working class and toiling masses!

The working class and peasantry of our country are looking for that force which will show them the way to their liberation. The party that we have built and are building is that force.

I wish all of you and your families a very happy New Year! I am confident that we will with our science be able to win further victories in this New Year and make the bourgeoisie and imperialists truly shake in their boots!

My heartiest congratulations to each and every one of you for all that we have together accomplished.

I extend to you once again my best wishes!

With revolutionary greetings,

Lal Singh

General Secretary


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