Condemn the US imperialist efforts at regime change in Syria!

Syria has been on the firing line of US imperialism for many years. It has also been a major target of US imperialism's gun in West Asia —the Zionist state of Israel — with which it shares borders. The strategic Golan Heights of Syria have been under illegal Israeli Occupation since 1967. In recent weeks and months, encouraged by their successes in Libya, Anglo- American imperialism has incited civil war within Syria, aimed at carrying out regime change in Syria. Thousands of people have been killed in clashes between forces organised by Anglo American imperialism, and the government forces.

The working class and people of our country must resolutely oppose the imperialist efforts at regime change in Syria. All the noise about "democracy" and "human rights" being touted by the imperialists as justification for regime change must be rejected. The nature of the present regime in Syria is not the issue. The issue is whether it is the people of a country who should decide their political and economic system, or some foreign imperialist power. Our Party firmly upholds that it is the people of the country who must decide this issue. Those who call for foreign intervention are either consciously or unconsciously playing into the hands of the imperialists. The imperialists do not respect the will of the workers of their own countries — where then is the question of them respecting the will of others they conquer.

At the present time, the main target of US imperialism in West Asia is Iran. The threats and pressure on Iran is well known. Syria's problem is that (1) it is an ally of Iran (2) it has not capitulated to US imperialism or Israel (3) it supports the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria is also an ally of Russia. The attack on Syria is aimed at consolidating Anglo American domination over the strategic oil rich North Africa and West Asia. After Syria, Iran will be the next target. US imperialism wants to block Russia, and control the energy supplies to energy starved countries like China, India, and others.

The US imperialists have incited Turkey to fund oppositional military forces in Syria to organise a civil war. They have asked the so called "Arab League" a coalition under US imperialist control, to push for sanctions against Syria, including the threat of military intervention.

On February 4, Russia and China vetoed a resolution of the United Nations Security Council which, among other things, would have authorised the UN to impose economic sanctions on the Assad government in Syria to force it to step down from power after months of violence in the country. The resolution was being pushed by the US and its European allies over many months, and all efforts were made to pressurise other UNSC members to go along with it. After having expressed reservations about supporting such a resolution, the Indian government at the last minute voted in favour of it. However, the resolution was not carried because of Russia and China’s veto.

The failed UN resolution on Syria also threatened to go beyond economic sanctions. It said that the Assad government could be subjected to “further measures” if it failed to comply with the resolution within 15 days. This makes it very clear that a full-fledged military intervention as happened in Libya was on the cards. As everyone knows, the months of NATO strikes on Libya left the country shattered and thousands of its people killed and wounded.

The Indian government has been making noises about its opposition to foreign interference in various countries, especially following the invasion of Libya. The government of India's capitulation to the Anglo American imperialists at the UN Security Council meeting on Syria needs to be roundly condemned. This shows once again that the Indian ruling class in not concerned about upholding the principle that no country has the right to violate the sovereignty of another country on any pretext.

The scenario that the imperialist powers are trying to impose on the West Asian and Persian Gulf region is a dastardly one that threatens the peace and sovereignty of all countries in these and neighbouring regions. The Indian working class must resolutely oppose any foreign interference in the affairs of Syria.


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