Unite and oppose state terrorism!

Israt Jehan, a first year college student of Mumbai and her friends were kidnapped and brutally murdered by the orders of top officers of the Gujarat Police and the Intelligence Bureau 10 years ago. Their murder was declared an “encounter”. For ten years, the families of Israt Jehan and her murdered friends have been fighting for justice. Now, the investigations into the case have revealed that it was one more case of brutal terrorist killing by the state.

Thousands of youth belonging to the Muslim faith have been jailed, tortured, or killed in so called encounters over the past many years, after being falsely accused of being “terrorists”.

Meanwhile, in a recent development, a Sub Inspector in the Punjab Police, Surjit Singh has confessed, in a petition to the Punjab and Haryana High Court, that he had killed more than 80 innocent people in fake encounters. He provided a list of at least 16 stage managed encounters in which over 30 people were killed by him on the direction of his seniors. Surjit Singh had sought the Court’s protection from senior officers in the Punjab police, as he was convinced that his life was in danger after he exposed the killings carried out by him at the orders of the top officers. Surjit Singh was one of the thousands of “cats” recruited by the Punjab police to carry out extra judicial killings of innocent Sikh youth, in return for monetary rewards and out of turn promotions.

Tens of thousands of innocent people were murdered in cold blood by the notorious Punjab police in fake encounters in the 80’s and 90’s. Hundred of bodies were recovered from the canals of Punjab. All this was justified in the name of “defending national unity and territorial integrity” and of crushing “Sikh terrorism”.

Kashmir has been a grave yard for its people, with the armed forces carrying out the brutal rape and murder of tens of thousands of people. Numerous have been the recorded cases of fake encounter killings in the Kashmir Valley. The same has been the case in Assam, Manipur and other states of the North East.

State terrorism, including state organized communal massacres, is a preferred policy of the ruling bourgeoisie. Till the 1980’s, the target of state terrorism was primarily communist revolutionaries and their supporters, as well as the insurgent people in the North East. Beginning from 1982, the ruling bourgeoisie has systematically stepped up the use of this weapon against all sections of the people. This has been done in order to smash the unity of the people against the anti worker, anti peasant and anti national program of the bourgeoisie of intensifying the plunder of the land, labour and natural resources of our people. The aim has been to divert and divide the people so as to prevent them from unitedly opposing it’s the program of globalization through privatization and liberalisation, through which it has emerged as an imperialist power. The aim has been to crush the revolutionary and liberation struggle of our people through fire and sword.

Over the decades, state terrorism has been perfected into an art by the ruling class. Organising terrorist bomb blasts, painting entire communities as terrorists, arresting, torturing and killing innocent people, especially youth, is now a regular part of the method of rule. The lie that so and so community, or so and so organization is behind terrorist killings is repeated a thousand times through the monopoly media in order that people should start believing it and accept state terrorism. By targeting definite sections of people through state terrorism, the ruling class has tried to divide the people on the basis of religion, language, region, etc so as to carry on with its program unhindered.

At the present time, state terrorism is being justified in the name of the “global war against terrorism”. This “global war against terrorism” is being coordinated and led by none other than US imperialism, the biggest terrorist state on earth.

The “war against terrorism” waged by the Indian state is a war by the state against its own people, to cow them down in the face of the all-round anti-social offensive of capitalist economic reforms and denial of human rights. It is a war against revolutionary communists, who are trying to mobilize the working class, peasantry and revolutionary intelligentsia for the reconstitution of India on new foundations as a voluntary union of nations and peoples, in which human rights are constitutionally guaranteed and enforceable.

US imperialism has launched its global “war against terrorism” to justify fascising at home and wars abroad, to crush all opposition to its drive for complete domination of the world. It is well documented that US imperialism has organized terrorist groups in pursuit of its aim over many decades. It is a past master in organizing terrorist attacks which are carried out with finger prints pointing to some other state, and not to the US. All states including the Indian state are fully aware of this. However, the Indian state, since the end of the cold war, and particularly since the establishment of a strategic alliance with the US, has only pointed fingers at Pakistan. It does not even raise a doubt about the role of US in sponsoring terrorist attacks in our country, even when it is very obvious. Far from opposing state sponsored terrorism from the US, the Indian state uses it as a weapon to advance its own aims within the country and in the region.

Escalating state terrorism is part of the growing fascisation of the Indian state. Communists must be clear that ballot and the bullet are twin weapons which the bourgeoisie is deploying against the working class and people, to defend its rule. The armed forces, police and intelligence agencies are being greatly beefed up. The state is organizing bomb blasts and other terrorist attacks in our country, and carrying out communal propaganda against people of different religious communities and ethnic background to whip up anarchy and violence, so that people accept that official state terror, including fake encounters is justified.

State terrorism, including state organized communal massacres, is the official preferred policy of the ruling class. It has remained in place irrespective of whichever party is in charge of the government. State terrorism and slogans like “defending national unity and territorial integrity”, “war against terrorism”, and “national security” to justify it, serve to smash the united opposition of the working class and people to the anti people program of the bourgeoisie by terrorizing the people and making them suspect one another. The situation demands that all those opposed to state terrorism and fighting for the rights of the people work in unison to expose and oppose the fascist drive of the ruling class.


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