Condemn whipping up of war hysteria

The monsoon session of parliament has begun with uproarious scenes in parliament in the wake of reports of the killing of five army men in the Poonch sector of the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. Leading politicians of the ruling class parties have been whipping up chauvinist war hysteria against Pakistan. Many sections of the monopoly controlled electronic media have been whipping up passions against Pakistan, and calling for military action.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the whipping up of chauvinist war hysteria against Pakistan. Any deterioration of the already tense relations between India and Pakistan, let alone war between the two countries — whether a “limited” war in Kashmir as demanded by some commentators, or a full scale war — is not in the interests of the people of either India or Pakistan. Only our common enemies, the Anglo American imperialists stand to benefit from such a situation.

It is well known that there have been causalities on both sides, with five Pakistanis having been shot dead by Indian forces just a day or two before the killing of Indian soldiers. It is a tragic fact of the Line of Control in Kashmir between the Indian and Pakistani Armed Forces that both the armies are committed to tit for tat actions. Whether the government of India and the monopoly media decide to whip up hysteria or not following a particular incident, is dictated by the immediate interests of the ruling class.

Looking at the situation in South Asia in the international context, it is quite clear that US imperialism at the head of its NATO alliance is keen on spreading the theater of war to South Asia and East Asia, to extend its domination over the whole of Asia. In this direction, it wants to keep India and Pakistan at loggerheads with one another, playing one against the other like the monkey and the cats. It is also inciting India against China, trying to rope in India into an alliance headed by US imperialism including Japan, Australia and some other Asian countries to encircle China. An extremely dangerous situation is being created in this region. The US imperialists will not stop at any trick to destabilize Pakistan and India in pursuit of their aims. It cannot be ruled out that they organize terrorist strikes, in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan, and then use such strikes to set India and Pakistan against each other.

It is known that definite forces in India as well as Pakistan do not want the two countries to resolve their outstanding problems and establish relations of lasting peace and mutual friendship. These forces always hark back to the past history of conflicts, of destabilization of one another through terrorist attacks and supporting secessionist movements, in order to justify the continuation of the same policy. What they hide is that it was the imperialist powers, notably the Anglo American imperialists, who have been the major force that have worked to ensure that India and Pakistan are perpetually embroiled in conflict, and what is more, they continue to have the same game plan. In other words, sections of the ruling class of India and Pakistan are playing the Anglo American imperialist game, which is against the interests of the people of India and Pakistan, and peace in this region.

It cannot be ignored that for the past several months, there has been a constant effort by sections of the monopoly media to whip up tensions against China over the border dispute, or against Pakistan over killings of soldiers. The ruling class and its main political parties are quite discredited, amongst the workers and broad masses of working people of town and country. In such conditions, the ruling class can very well decide to embroil our people in fratricidal war with the neighbors, in collusion with the Anglo American imperialists in order to stablise its rule, and crush dissent. It is known that capitalist states, in times of economic crisis, look towards fascism and war as favourite weapons to crush the working class at home, and advance their imperialist interests abroad. This is what US imperialism is doing today, this is what its principal allies like Britain and France are doing, and this is a course that Indian ruling class might be tempted to pursue. It is upto us communists to mobilize all anti imperialist and peace loving political forces of our country to block the war plans of the ruling class. The CGPI calls upon all anti imperialist and peace loving political forces of our country to be vigilant and do active anti war and anti imperialist propaganda to mobilize the people against reactionary war.


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Against Imperialist War    Aug 16-31 2013    Voice of the Party    War & Peace    


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