State terrorism is official policy

The Indian ruling class and its political parties have mastered the art of organising individual acts of terrorism as well as state terrorism, in pursuit of its national as well as geo political aims.

These aims are disguised under lofty slogans such as ‘war against terrorism”, and “defence of national unity and territorial integrity”. Passions are regularly whipped up against the internal and external “enemies of the nation”. People of the Muslim faith are portrayed as “terrorists, and “anti-nationals”. Pakistan is portrayed as the “enemy out to destabilize India using its agents”. The main political parties of the ruling class, whether Congress or BJP and their leaders, are portrayed as “great patriots”.

 In the last week of August, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) announced the capture of a certain individual by the name of Yasin Bhatkal, who has been declared by the intelligence agencies to be the co-founder of the so called Indian Mujahideen. Bhatkal was said to have been captured from Nepal, where he was allegedly hiding in disguise. The intelligence agencies have since been “leaking” news through their plants in the monopoly media, about how the arrest of Bhatkal is a “major victory” in the “war against terrorism”. From these leaks, it would appear that this man was the “mastermind” behind a series of bomb blasts in the past few years, including the recent Hyderabad blasts and the Pune German Bakery blasts. Thereafter, it has been reported that he has both denied that he is Bhatkal, as well as “accepted” that he planted these bombs. This has raised questions about the death sentence awarded to a certain Himayat Baig by a Pune court in April this year, for allegedly planting the bombs in German Bakery. That judgment was based on the charge-sheet submitted by the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad. Meanwhile the parents of Yaseen Bhatkal have expressed “relief” at the announcement of his arrest, since it would now be difficult for the state to have him eliminated in a fake encounter.

Whenever the intelligence agencies announce the capture or killing of a so called terrorist, they make sure that he is blamed for the majority of the terrorist acts that have taken place in the country. Later on, someone else is blamed for the same set of crimes. In recent years, a number of innocent youth have been proved innocent and had to be released, after being incarcerated in jails for several years for alleged terrorist crimes. However, through all this, the ruling class and its intelligence agencies achieve their aims. This is to terrorise the people, divide and disrupt their united struggle for their rights, spread communal poison against people of definite faith, brand all Muslims as terrorists and Pakistani agents, justify state terrorism directed against Muslims and whip up anti Pakistan war hysteria. 

It is a fact that till now, not one terrorist crime against our people has been satisfactorily solved by these agencies. The real organizers and perpetrators have never been caught or punished. For instance, in a whole series of cases, the intelligence agencies which first arrested and tortured Muslims as suspects, later on started suggesting that Hindu groups were responsible for these crimes. This too was obviously done to fulfill definite political aims.

Recently, a series of disclosures have brought out the role of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in deliberately sanctioning killings of innocent people in staged encounters, branding them as terrorists. Gujarat top police official DG Vanzara, who was Deputy Inspector General of Police, who is currently under suspension and behind bars in connection with a series of fake encounter cases, has written a public letter submitting his resignation from the IPS. In his letter, this man has accused the Gujarat Chief Minister and his close aide, the then Deputy Home Minister Amit Shah, of being responsible for all the fake encounter killings in Guiarat. “The police officers arrested in connection with the different fake encounter cases were simply implementing the conscious policy of this government which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters”, Vanzara wrote. Vanzara has accused the Gujarat Chief Minister and his close coterie of “betraying” police officers who had loyally implemented his orders. Vanzara was first arrested in connection with the Sohrabuddin Shiekh fake encounter case in April 2007 and has since been in jail. He has also been arrested in connection with the Tulsiram Prajapati, Ishrat Jehan and Sadiq Jamal fake encounter cases. Meanwhile, in a sting operation, prominent BJP leaders have been caught on record discussing how the Gujarat Chief Minister had asked that Amit Shah’s role in the encounter killing of Tulsi Prajapati, the sole witness to the murder of Sohrabuddin Shiekh, for which Amit Shah is being tried, is hushed up.

All these people, who were killed in fake encounters in Gujarat, were declared to be Pakistan trained terrorists, allegedly plotting to “assassinate” the Gujarat Chief Minister. The parents of Ishrat Jehan as well as Pranesh Pillai, who were among the four killed in the Ishrat Jehan fake encounter case involving Vanzara, have been fighting to clear their children’s names, as well as punish the guilty.

In the case of the alleged Indian Mujahideen operatives, their families, including those of Bhatkal, have clearly indicated that their children were trapped into the web of the Intelligence Bureau and were working for the IB at different levels. That is, there is a whole question mark that has been raised as to whether the so called Indian Mujahideen is a brain child of the Intelligence Bureau, to carry out false flag terrorist operations inside our country, as well as to entrap Muslim youth into such operations.

What Vanzara has stated is the reality — the Indian state regularly organizes “encounter killings” as part of its official policy. This has always been the case with the activists of the movement for national rights of people in the North East and Kashmir, and with communist revolutionaries. This has been the experience of the people of Punjab, particularly in the eighties and nineties. The state organized the terrorist killings of people in buses and public places, blaming them on some shadowy outfits which were later found to be organizations of the state. It organized killings of innocent youth in fake encounters. Thousands of youth were arrested, slaughtered, or simply “disappeared”. This is also the experience of youth of the Muslim faith. State terrorism and individual terrorism have both been systematically unleashed against our people by the ruling class, its main political parties, its intelligence agencies, and its police and armed forces.

The revelations that are coming through the media are the result of the sharp conflicts within the ruling class and its political parties as well as the persistent struggle of people who have refused to accept this state terrorism and continue to fight to expose it.

State terrorism is the official policy of the ruling class. It is not specific to any one political party or government. It is a policy that is directed against the struggle of the working class and people fighting for their rights and for justice.

Given the deep crisis of its rule and its inability to address any of the burning concerns of the people, the Indian ruling class is likely to organize grave terrorist provocations in the coming days, in order to inflame passions amongst the people and achieve its narrow aims. Therefore, our Party calls upon all political forces fighting for the interests of the people to exercise utmost vigilance against such a possibility and unite and fight to expose and oppose state terrorism.


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