Indian state is communal and state terror is its preferred weapon

Home Minister Shinde's missive to state governments

On September 30, 2013, Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde wrote a well publicised letter to all states and Union territories to "ensure that no innocent Muslim youth is wrongfully detained in the name of terror". Shinde wrote that "the Central government has received several representations alleging harassment of innocent Muslim youth by law enforcement agencies. Some of the minority youth have started feeling that they are deliberately targeted and deprived of their rights".

It is well known that thousands of innocent youth belonging to the Muslim faith have been arrested, tortured and murdered by the security forces of the state in the name of "war against terrorism", over the past several years. Every time there is a terrorist attack in any part of the country, Muslim's are invariably picked up. They are accused of belonging to this or that alleged terrorist group without any evidence. None of the trials of terrorist cases so far have led to punishment for the real masterminds of these crimes. Instead, in many cases, it has been revealed that the state agencies have deliberately arrested and tortured people of the Muslim community, knowing full well their innocence. This is what the organizations fighting for justice for those innocents false accused and punished for terrorist crimes have brought out through their painstaking investigative work over the years.

Just recently, in August, the National Intelligence Agency was forced to acknowledge that there was no evidence against 9 Muslims who have been in jail for over 5 years as accused in the 2006 Malegaon blasts. Now, following the so called confession of Yasin Bhatkal to having organized the German Bakery blasts in Pune, there is a question mark over the death sentence awarded to Himayat Baig for this crime. There have been hundreds of other cases in which youth have either been murdered in cold blood or lost the most precious years of their lives charged with crimes they never committed.

During the eighties and nineties, youth and others belonging to the Sikh faith were targeted as terrorists and anti nationals, tortured or killed in stage managed encounters. This has also been the fate of thousands of youth of Kashmir.

Unleashing state terror, including state organized communal violence is the official policy of the Indian state. The Indian state is communal. Its police and intelligence agencies carry out communal profiling of people with full official sanction.

The Home Minister's message to the state governments is not an innocent message. It is aimed

to create illusions amongst the Muslim community and the people fighting for justice, that the Indian state and the Congress Party and the Central Government are secular, and that the problem is merely one of "correcting the mindset" of the police forces.

It is well known that the police forces in India obey the commands of the executive, both at the state and the Central level. The recent exposure by the former Gujarat DIG Vanzara regarding the Gujarat fake encounters, merely confirms this. The majority of cases of such arrests and tortures have taken place in states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, which are ruled by Congress party led governments. The same police forces, when asked to target people of the Hindu faith or the Sikh faith, have also followed the orders of the executive. They have also targeted communist revolutionaries, as well as those upholding the right to self-determination of the nations and nationalities. In other words, the issue is the official policy of the state, and not the so called mindset of some police officials in state administrations.

The Indian state uses the twin card of secularism and communalism against the people, in the same way the colonialists used these cards to divide and disrupt the anti colonial liberation struggle of our people. At the present time, the ruling class and their major political parties, the Congress and BJP are extremely discredited in the eyes of the toiling people. In such conditions, the ruling class is once again preparing to divide the people and rule over them using the secular and communal cards. Shinde's missive to the state governments is part of this plot. 

To put an end to state terror and the communal targeting of people, it is important that people realize that the source of the problem is the communal Indian state. While fighting for justice, the struggle must be aimed at reconstituting the Indian Union on new foundations. The right to conscience must be guaranteed and inviolate, and no one must be discriminated against or targeted for their religious, political or ideological beliefs.

In the last week of September, the Delhi High Court acquitted two Kashmiri youth, Javed Ahmed and Ashiq Ali Bhatt after 4 years of horrifying detention and torture in a terror case. The trail court Judge Atul Kumar Garg issued a damning indictment of the case, saying this ","was a clear-cut plant case by the Special Cell to get out -of-turn promotion".

These two were arrested by the Delhi police on 6th August, 2009, and were accused by the Delhi police special cell of planning suicide attacks in the capital ahead of the Independence Day celebrations that year.

At that time, the Special Cell Chief had claimed that the two were caught making a phone call to Pakistan, that they had met the top chiefs of terrorists in training camps in Pakistan, and so on. All the evidence produced by the police in the court were so obviously fabricated that the court had to dismiss the case.



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