Obama refuses to halt drone strikes

Condemn US imperialists' undeclared war against the people of Pakistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met US President Obama in October to demand that US immediately cease its illegal and barbaric war against the people of Pakistan, being waged through unmanned drone strikes.

This followed mounting public anger in Pakistan against the undeclared war of the US against Pakistan. The courts of Pakistan have ruled the strikes as an act of war, and violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan. They have demanded that the government of Pakistan defend the country's sovereignty and either convince the US government to halt these strikes, or take up the issue in the United Nations as a clear violation of international law and an act of war. During the elections to parliament earlier this year, all the contesting parties were unanimous in opposition to the drone strikes. The Parliament of Pakistan has just passed resolutions condemning these drone strikes as a violation of the country's sovereignty and demanded that the government defend the country's sovereignty.

Thousands of innocent people in the border provinces of Pakistan have been confirmed killed in such strikes over the past 6 years. Each of these drone strikes have been personally authorised by the US President. These attacks on civilians constitute nothing less then serious war crimes for which the perpetrators, in this case President Obama and his cohorts must be tried and punished as war criminals.

The demand of the Pakistan Prime Minister, made on behalf of the government, parliament, and people of Pakistan was arrogantly rejected by US President Obama. According to news reports, the US President refused to discuss this topic which was the principle topic on the Pakistan delegations agenda. A day earlier, the US government defended the drone program even as it rejected reports by two human rights groups that its targeted-killing program violates international law and has resulted in the death of hundreds of civilians.

By refusing to halt the drone strikes, Obama has clearly declared that the US will violate all norms regarding relations between countries with impunity. This is a clear threat not only to the people of Pakistan, but to all the peoples of the world, including our people.

On November 5, 2013, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Masood Khan condemned the drone attacks by the US military, clearly stating that “armed drone strikes breach international law and international human rights and humanitarian law, violate our sovereignty, cause casualties of civilians and non-combatants, lead to psychological trauma and whip up public anger and backlash."

The Communist Ghadar Party condemns US imperialism's undeclared and illegal war against Pakistan being carried out through drone strikes. The continued violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan is a warning that sooner rather than later, the US imperialists plan to escalate the theatre of war from Afghanistan and the border region of Pakistan, to the whole of South Asia, including India. The CGPI calls upon all anti imperialist and peace loving people of our country to unitedly condemn the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and support the struggle of the people and government of Pakistan in all international forums against this.


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