Bomb blasts in Imphal

This is not insurgency – it is state terrorism!

Bomb blasts in market places and other crowded areas of Imphal, the capital of Manipur, have become frequent in recent months.  At least three persons were killed and four others injured when a bomb exploded on 30th October, 2013. According to news agency reports, a senior police officer who did not want his name disclosed said, “The powerful bomb exploded at 6 am at a bus stand which is near the state police headquarters.

Leading spokesmen of the State Government have made public statements blaming the “insurgents”, meaning those who have been waging a protracted armed struggle for the national liberation of Manipur. 

The Deputy Chief Minister has declared that the insurgents are carrying out such criminal acts allegedly out of frustration.  However, there is no concrete evidence that any of the existing underground groups fighting for national liberation were involved in any of the bomb blasts in the capital city. 

The Revolutionary People’s Front and some other national liberation groups have publicly stated in local newspapers that they do not believe in spreading terror among the people of Manipur.   They have declared that their fight is against the centrally imposed army rule and against agencies that serve New Delhi in its unjust war against revolutionary patriots of Manipur.

Who stands to gain from mysterious bomb blasts in crowded areas? It must be some social force that is interested in spreading terror among the people of Manipur.  People are wondering: What kind of group could or would explode bombs right in front of the State Police Headquarters?

The needle of suspicion points to those who are in power, and not to those who are fighting against the existing power. It is a case of state-organised terror, or state terrorism. 

There are powerful interests in the ruling establishment of both the state government and the central government who are widely believed to be sponsoring various armed underground groups of their own.  It is possible that the recent spate of bomb blasts in Imphal is a result of in-fighting within the ruling establishment. 

For many long years, a very broad range of political and social organisations of Manipur have been demanding and fighting for immediate repeal of the fascist Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.  This law, which is a legacy of colonial rule, gives the armed forces unlimited license to kill, torture and rape, without any danger of being convicted and punished.  The struggle to repeal it has received widespread support from numerous political parties and non-party organisations in the country. Mysterious bomb blasts serve the interests of those who want to justify and prolong the fascist army rule in Manipur, legitimised by the AFSPA.

Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the recent bomb blasts in Imphal as criminal acts of state terrorism!  We call on all progressive and patriotic forces of Manipur to unite in defence of human, democratic and national rights!  We call on all communists and all progressive forces in India to extend wholehearted support to the struggle of the people of Manipur to repeal AFSPA, end army rule and achieve national and social liberation!


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