Down with U S imperialism!

Expose and oppose the dangerous Indo-US strategic alliance!

Militant joint demonstration by Communist and Left parties against the visit of Obama

Activists of seven communist and left parties successfully organised a militant joint demonstration to protest against the visit of US imperialist chieftain Obama to India in Delhi on Saturday 24th January 2015. On the same day, various other left parties and organisations also organised protest demonstrations in Delhi.

The demonstrations in Delhi were part of the actions organised in several cities and towns across the country to protest against the visit of the leader of US imperialism — the most serious threat to peace, and to the independence and sovereignty of nations worldwide. The parties and organisations which organised this joint action in Delhi were: Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India Marxist – Leninist (Liberation), All India Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party, Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), and the Communist Ghadar Party of India.

Comrades and supporters of these parties as well as other organisations and individuals who wanted to voice their opposition to US imperialism and the invitation extended by the government of India to US imperialist chieftain Obama to be the chief guest in the Republic Day celebrations started assembling at Mandi House in New Delhi just after noon. They lined up in marching order, carrying bright red banners and flags of their respective parties and organisations, as well as placards in Hindi and English.

The protest march set off in a disciplined manner at the appointed time. Comrades and supporters of these parties held aloft banners and placards with militant slogans “Down with US imperialism”, “Oppose the warmongering of the US”, “Down with the Indo – US Strategic Alliance”,“BeWARe of America” among others.

The participants in the demonstration shouted militant slogans, voicing the great anger of the workers, peasants, women and youth of India at the invitation extended by the Modi government to US imperialist chieftain Barack Obama to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade on 26th Jan 2015. They voiced the profound disapproval expressed by people all over the world, including people in the US itself, to the US led wars aimed at the destabilisation and destruction of countries and violation of their sovereignty. They clearly pointed out how US imperialism was in fact the fountainhead of terrorism – US imperialism, together with its allies, had sponsored numerous terrorist groups to destabilise other countries, as well as to justify fascism at home and imperialist wars of conquest.

Hundreds of thousands of office workers who were out at lunchtime as well as students and others observed the militant procession pass by, with many of them joining in the slogan shouting. Many of the organisations that participated in the action distributed leaflets to passers-by explaining the need to oppose the alliance of the government of our country with US imperialism as a matter of principle, exposing the war crimes of US imperialism all over the world, the need to expose the proposed dilution of the liability provisions in the nuclear suppliers’ agreement among other things.

Passing through the busy Barakhamba Road, the demonstration turned on to Tolstoy Marg and continued on Tolstoy Marg beyond the KG Marg intersection all the way up to Jantar Mantar. A rally was organised at Jantar Mantar, which was addressed by a spokesperson of each of the seven organisations that had called for the action. Speakers included Comrade Prakash Karat, General Secretary of CPI (M), Comrade Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary, CPI, Comrade Kavita Krishnan, member of Politburo of CC, CPI(M-L) Liberation, Comrade Devarajan, International Secretary of AIFB, Comrade Abani Roy, General Secretary of the RSP, Comrade Pratap Syamal, Secretary of the Delhi State Committee of the SUCI(C), and Comrade Prakash Rao, Spokesperson, CGPI.

Like the march, the rally too was conducted in a disciplined and militant manner. Speaker after speaker at the rally denounced the decision of the Modi government to invite the chieftain of US imperialism as the chief guest of at the Republic Day parade. They recounted how every country which had allied with US imperialism – from Chile to Pakistan – had paid for it dearly. They denounced the war crimes of US imperialism in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more recently in Syria and Pakistan. They denounced the manner in which the Modi government was inviting the capitalists of the world to exploit the land and labour of our people with the slogan “Make in India”. They pointed out the dangers of the dilution of the civil nuclear suppliers’ liability – given the Indian governments’ abysmal historical record in protecting the lives and rights of its own citizens endangered by multinational corporations – the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984 being one of the most shameful examples.

Speaking as the representative of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, Comrade Prakash Rao lauded the unity in action of the left and communist parties in boldly coming out in action on the streets of Delhi denouncing US imperialism. He agreed with the rest of the speakers that US imperialism needed to be opposed as a matter of principle by all communists and patriotic people. He called upon the communists to strengthen their unity and help usher in a bright red future for the toiling people of India.

After the speeches which all comrades and supporters of the various parties heard very attentively, the gathering voiced its utter hatred for US imperialism by burning an effigy of US President Obama, the very person whom the Modi government had invited as the Chief Guest at the Republic Day Parade a couple of days’ hence. They shouted slogans before dispersing, vowing to stay united in the face of the multifarious attacks of imperialism on the freedom and sovereignty of peoples all over the world and their collaborators such as the Modi government.

This joint action of several organisations fittingly voiced the deep anger of the working people of India with the evil collaboration of the Modi government with US imperialism and the resolve to strengthen joint actions to counter the reactionary alliance of the Indian bourgeoisie and US imperialism, which is a threat to the entire South Asian region.


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