Down with the imperialist anti-people alliance between the capitalist rulers of India and Britain!

Statement of Indian Workers Association, Britain,10th November, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Britain on an official visit, starting on 11th November, 2015.  During this visit, the monopoly capitalists of India and Britain expect to strike many new deals for joint exploitation and plunder of the land and labour of both countries.  Cooperation in producing weapons of mass destruction is an important item on their agenda.  The British monopoly capitalists, faced with deep depression in Europe, are looking forward to penetrate the vast Indian market as well as to cultivate India as an ally and counterweight to China in Asia.   

A newly formed organisation called Europe India Forum is organising to welcome Modi in Britain under the slogan “two great nations, one glorious future” on 13th November at the Wembley Stadium.  The Wembley event is supposed to “highlight and celebrate his vision for a peaceful and prosperous India”.  This reflects the fact that a major section of the big capitalists of India and of Britain still count on Modi as their preferred candidate to deliver what they want.  At the same time, there is mass opposition to Modi’s visit to Britain at this time. 

Alongside the massive propaganda promoting Modi as a hero, there is counter-propaganda in the international capitalist media demanding that the Modi government must do something to contain the growing atmosphere of “intolerance” in India.  This propaganda is spearheaded within India by the Congress and other parties that swear by “tolerance” and accuse the BJP of being intolerant towards religious minorities.  

The Indian and international capitalist interests want Indian people to line up behind one or the other of two camps – pro-Modi and anti-Modi.  However, the real issue is not about one individual.  The issue is about the nature of the Indian State, its political process and the economic order it defends. 

What do the facts show?  They show that for the past three decades and more, the people of India have been facing a climate of growing communal and fascist terror, no matter whether the Congress or BJP has been in command.   Every year the situation looks worse than the previous year.  Communal and fascist terror has become the preferred method of the ruling class to keep the toiling majority of people divided and diverted while an extremely unpopular “reform” program is pursued. 

The massacre of Bengali Muslims in Assam in 1983 was followed by the communal terror unleashed in Punjab, exacerbated by the army assault on the Golden Temple at Amritsar in the name of Operation Blue Star in June 1984, and the genocide of Sikhs in November of the same year following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.   Similar has been the fate of the people in Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, parts of Assam and some other so-called disturbed areas. 

A sober assessment of past three decades shows that all occurrences of large-scale communal and sectarian violence have been state sponsored.  None of them were “riots”.   They were organised by the most powerful economic interests, the big capitalists who control the central State.  Neither communal violence nor individual and state terrorism could have grown to such menacing proportions in India if the ruling class, did not want it to happen. 

The Indian ruling class is playing the same kind of tricks as the British colonial rulers.  The British colonialists organised meticulously to divide the people of India on the basis of religion, caste, race and tribal identities.  As part of their divide and rule strategy, the British rulers sponsored the formation of openly communal organisations such as the All-India Muslim League, Punjab Hindu Mahasabha and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, as well as so-called secular parties like the Congress, which preached that the religious majority must tolerate the minorities.  The British rulers would negotiate secretly with each of these organisations, inciting them against one another and using them to divide and divert the people.  They would organise communal “riots” and then intervene in the name of restoring communal harmony. 

People must not get fooled and must not take sides between the so-called communal and secular camps.  It is the principal organiser and beneficiary of communal violence, inter-caste fights and other forms of sectarian violence.  It rules through the State organising periodic acts of violence and terror, and periodic elections to replace one management team by another. 

Life experience has revealed that both the Congress and BJP are committed to implement the same anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national program of globalisation through liberalisation and privatisation.   It is a program to enrich the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and other billionaire houses and enable them to join the ranks of the richest global elite, at the expense of the livelihood and rights of the toiling majority of people.  It is a program to further open up the land and labour of India to the monopoly capitalists of Britain and other imperialist countries to exploit and plunder.  Today there are both British capitalists who are exploiting workers in India and Indian capitalists who are exploiting workers in Britain.   

Life experience has shown that the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy that was imported and implanted on Indian soil serves to exclude the vast majority of people from power It is a political system designed to maintain the dictatorship of the traitorous big capitalists, who are headed on a dangerous course today.  They are strengthening military and intelligence cooperation with the Anglo-American imperialists, who are the principal organisers of unjust wars, orchestrated “regime change”, drone attacks and all forms of criminal and terrorist acts all across the world.   

Indians abroad have more than a century-long history of standing up for our rights and for the rights of all nations and peoples.  We have a glorious tradition of fighting shoulder to shoulder with all other oppressed peoples against colonialism, racism, imperialism and all forms of enslavement.  The present situation calls on us to live up to the best of our revolutionary traditions.  We need to be vigilant and not fall for the deceptive propaganda portraying the struggle in India as one between communal and secular forces within the ruling circles.   

The struggle in India, in Britain and on the world scale is between the exploited majority, which is yearning for change, and an exploiting minority that wants to preserve the status quo.  It is between a handful of aggressive imperialist powers and the majority of nations and peoples who are victims of imperialist domination.     

The struggle in our country is for a State that would defend the right to conscience of all members of society and would not tolerate any form of its violation by anyone whatsoever.  The struggle is for a political process in which people do not put parties in power but parties work to keep the people in power.  With power in their hands, the hardworking people of our country can ensure that the economy provides prosperity for all. 

Indian workers are a component part of the struggle of the British working class against imperialist wars and against the intensification of exploitation and cutbacks in social programs in the name of “austerity”.  We are also a component part of the struggle of the Indian working class and broad masses of people against the attacks on their livelihood and rights.  Unity of the workers and peoples of both countries is essential for defeating the criminal designs of the capitalists of the two countries. 

Indian Workers Association calls on all Indian workers in Britain to oppose the reactionary alliance between the capitalists of India and Britain, which is aimed against the rights and wellbeing of the working people of both countries! 

Workers of all countries, Unite!  


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Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha    Indian Workers Association (Great Britain)    Ghadar International    Nov 16-30 2015    Voice of the Party   


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