Condemn the state terror unleashed against people in Haryana

An extremely tense situation prevails all over Haryana. In the name of maintaining “law and order”, the government of Haryana and the Central government have unleashed a reign of terror against the people. As of February 20, 2016 at least 10 people have been reportedly killed and hundreds seriously injured in firing by the army and police. The central government has deployed the army in seven districts of Haryana.
The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the reign of terror unleashed against the people by the Haryana and Central governments. Political and social problems cannot be resolved through repression. They need political solutions.
The youth of Haryana have come onto the streets demanding higher education and jobs. This is a demand that concerns all youth, the whole of society. The Indian state, and all the ruling class parties do not have any solution to this problem. Instead, they deliberately distort and manipulate this legitimate struggle of the youth, inflame passions and set one section of the people against another.
This is what is happening in Haryana today. In the conditions of the agrarian crisis, peasant families are finding no future in agriculture. They want access to higher education, they want jobs in government. All the political parties of the ruling class have been waving the wand of reservation in higher educational institutions and government jobs on the basis of caste as the magic wand that will address the problems of the youth. On this basis, they have deliberately been setting people against each other on the basis of caste, and reinforcing caste divisions in society. This is going on not just in Haryana, but all over India.
At the present time, both the BJP and the Congress Party are busy inflaming passions amongst the people at night, even while they preach peace and harmony at day. People are being blamed for the anarchy and violence. The ugly hand of the Indian state and its political parties in inciting clashes amongst the people on the basis of caste and community is being sought to be covered up.
The source of the problems of all sections of the people lies in the capitalist system which cannot provide for all. This system can satisfy only the rapacious greed of Indian and foreign monopoly capitalists. It continuously deprives the vast majority of people of their just claims and rights. Parties like the BJP and Congress are sworn defenders of the existing political and economic system. They deliberately set the working people against each other on the basis of religion, caste and region, in order to divide us and perpetuate the rule of the biggest monopolies and the imperialists.
The people of Haryana must refuse to fall into the trap of this or that party of the rulers. They must defeat the divide and rule tactic of the ruling class by uniting as one in defence of the rights of all. In the present case, it is by upholding the banner "education for all, jobs for all", and condemning state repression against any section of the people that they will be able to defeat the divisive agenda of the ruling class.
All sections of the people of India are waging a just struggle in defence of their rights, against the attacks of the ruling class and its state. Together, we must wage the struggle with the perspective of establishing a new state with a new economic orientation that will actually guarantee security and prosperity to all.


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