Imperialist aggression on Libya – A Criminal Conspiracy

The situation in Libya is grave. The imperialists are preparing to introduce ground troops to occupy Libya or partition the country, as the present level of intervention in the form of weapons, special forces, assassination squads and tactical leadership has proven insufficient.

Since March 17, 2011, Libya has been subjected to the most brutal imperial air, sea and land assault in its modern history. Thousands of bombs and missiles, launched from American and European submarines, warships and fighter planes, are destroying Libyan military bases, airports, roads, ports, oil depots, artillery emplacements, tanks, armored carriers, planes and troop concentrations. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in this bombardment. Dozens of CIA and SAS special forces have been training, advising and mapping targets for the anti-Gaddafi forces. The US-NATO forces are effectively leading the civil war against the Gaddafi government.

According to news reports, despite this massive military support and the total control of Libya's sky and coastline by the imperialists, the US-NATO backed rebel forces are retreating in many places. The reason for their retreat lies in the fact that they do not have popular support and are increasingly seen by the Libyan people as traitors to the nation, willing to sell out the sovereignty of the country to the imperialists. The imperialist propaganda that the Libyan people were waiting for deliverance from the Gaddafi regime and are desperate for US-NATO military intervention is being exposed daily. In many towns and villages, the people organized in militias have joined forces with the Libyan army to fight back and defeat the US-NATO backed rebels.

20 major and minor foreign military powers have intervened in this coalition headed by the US, attacking the sovereignty of Libya.

Imperialist intervention in Libya has heightened the national consciousness amongst the people, who are seeing the imperialists as their bitter enemies out to establish their own dictate through a puppet regime. Despite the defection of various officials of the Gaddafi regime to the imperialists, the masses of people are fighting to defend their freedom and sovereignty.

The situation in Libya is grave. The imperialists are preparing to introduce ground troops to occupy Libya or partition the country, as the present level of intervention in the form of weapons, special forces, assassination squads and tactical leadership has proven insufficient.

Despite the US government keeping a cloak of secrecy on its intelligence operations in Libya, facts have come to light that reveal the hand of the American intelligence agencies in directing the operations of the Libyan rebel forces. The key military leaders of the rebel forces are well known to the US government and are long standing CIA operatives. Khalifa Haftar was appointed chief rebel commander on March 17 on the eve of the beginning of US NATO bombing of Libya. The imperialist media made out that the rebel forces were indigenous forces whom they didn’t know much about. However a US think tank, Jamestown Foundation, exposed this lie on April 1 when it reported on Haftar's background and record. This man was part of Gaddafi's inner circle, caught by the Americans in Chad in 1988, turned over and taken to US, where in collaboration with the CIA, he set up the so called "Libyan National Army" in rural Virginia in the same year. Here the US trained anti government forces to topple the Gaddafi regime. Haftar was sent to Libya in March to lead the "rebel forces". Earlier, in 1996, he is reported to have tried to organize a rebellion in Eastern Libya against the Gaddafi regime.

Other prominent leaders of the uprising are three people captured from Pakistan and Afghanistan following the US occupation of Afghanistan, including one who spent 6 years in Guantanamo Bay before being handed over to the Gaddafi regime in 2007. For a decade, the US and NATO has used "war on terror" as a pretext for military interventions in various countries.  When a question was posed by a US Congressman to the Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg about the status of one of these former alleged Al Quaida operatives currently leading the "rebels" in Libya, Steinberg refused to discuss the matter, declaring it could be taken up only in a closed door session where US covert operations are regularly reviewed.


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