Hands off Syria!

The imperialist aggression against Syria has reached a critical point, for the fate of Syria and its people, for the peace and security of that region and the entire world.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar unequivocally and strongly condemns the imminent US imperialist military offensive against Syria! We call on people in India and around the world who are opposed to this criminal action to come together as one to demand – HANDS OFF SYRIA!

The launching of a military offensive against Syria will be the latest chapter in the unfolding bloody drive of US imperialism to bring one country after another in Asia and North Africa under its domination, through the destabilisation and overthrow of all governments opposed to its dictate. It is no secret that if it succeeds in gaining control over Syria, US imperialism will turn its fangs towards Iran, which has been a thorn in its flesh for many decades. Already, Pakistan has been subject to continuous violation of its sovereignty by the US. The Obama administration has menancingly spoken in recent months of ‘pivoting’ towards Asia, meaning casting its threatening shadow further east. All this is part of the grand strategy of US imperialism of ensuring its unquestioned domination over Asia and the whole world.

We cannot be under any illusion that our country is safe from the marauding activity of US imperialism. We must raise our voice in the most powerful way to oppose US imperialist aggression against Syria.

The build-up to the military offensive against Syria

For many decades, US imperialism has seen Syria as an obstacle to its plans to establish its unchallenged domination in the strategic and oil-rich region of West Asia. It encouraged Israel to occupy the Golan Heights area of Syria in the 1967 war. At the same time, as was the case with the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq and the Muammar Gaddafi government in Libya, different US administrations tried at different times to ‘engage’ with the Syrian governments of Hafez al Assad and Bashar al Assad, even while seeking to undermine them in various ways.

Syria’s refusal to go along with the criminal US invasion of Iraq and overthrow of the Saddam Hussein government marked a decisive stage in US imperialism’s policy towards Syria. Since 2005, it has been steadily building up its propaganda against Syria and the al Assad government, accusing it of supporting ‘radical’ and ‘terrorist’ elements in the region.

As part of the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011, US imperialism counted on using street demonstrations in Damascus and other Syrian cities to effect ‘regime change’. For some months, the imperialist news media almost daily broadcasted that anti-government protestors had taken control of different towns and regions of Syria, as if the government’s overthrow was imminent. But it soon became clear that this was not happening.

Over the past year, the imperialists have come out in the open instigating, financing, training and arming groups to violently topple the Syrian government. The US imperialists have used Turkey, which has a border with Syria, and which has always harboured ambitions towards Syria, as the frontline state in their offensive against Syria. Various rebel factions are armed and trained in Turkey, who then carry out acts of provocation against Syria.

It is precisely the US imperialists and their allies, with their deliberate policy of intervening in Syria’s affairs and arming the rebels, who have the blood of thousands of hapless Syrian men, women and children on their hands.

In recent months, the Syrian government has begun defeating the different rebel factions operating in different parts of the country. In such conditions, the US imperialists are putting their alternate Plan B into operation, the preparations for which have been going on for a long time. This is direct military intervention.

Obama has openly declared that as soon as it had ‘proof’ that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons, it would intervene directly militarily. This was open invitation to the rebels to use chemical weapons themselves so as to justify US military intervention.

The Obama administration now claims that it has ‘proof’ that the al Assad government in Syria used deadly chemical weapons against its own people on August 21 this year. The charge against the Syrian government of using chemical weapons is no more than a lying justification for US imperialism’s predetermined strategy. We can be sure that it is the US imperialists and their allies who pushed chemical weapons into the hands of their supporters in Syria and are responsible for the deadly incident of August 21. For this, they must be tried for war crimes.

Opposition to US imperialism’s plans in Syria

The signs show that Obama’s administration is finding it very hard to drum up support amongst the worlds’ peoples for its planned offensive. Within the US, there is broad and growing opposition amongst people to yet another imperialist war of aggression, this time directed against Syria. In Britain, Germany and Turkey, there is massive opposition amongst the people to their government’s participation in the US led war against Syria.

Of its key NATO allies, only the Hollande government of France has said that it would join the US in a military strike. The faithful ally of the US, the UK government, lost a vote in the British Parliament over joining the US led military intervention against Syria. Germany has not committed itself to military intervention. Neither has Italy.

Russia and China both have opposed any military intervention in Syria. Russia has even said that it would help to provide a military shield for Syria in the event of attack. The Indian government has expressed itself against the use of military force in Syria without UN authorisation.

Since Russia and China both have a veto in the UN Security Council, the US is not going to be able to get the UN Security Council sanction to intervene in Syria at this time. Obama has declared that he does not need the sanction of the Security Council to attack Syria. This is a declaration that the US considers itself as the sole policeman of the world, not accountable to the United Nations. It will violate all international agreements, resolutions and laws, including the UN Charter, in pursuit of its imperialist aims.

The self-serving and unprincipled policy of US imperialism is leading to the intensification of contradictions among the big powers in the world today. The growing contradictions among the big powers carry the danger of another imperialist world war.

The mounting opposition of peoples in the US, Britain, Turkey and other war mongering states to military aggression against Syria is a positive development. People around the world are increasingly seeing that to prevent the dangers from the predatory actions of US imperialism and other imperialist powers, they cannot rely on the UN. The people in each country need to be extremely vigilant against the imperialist manoeuvres and organise to defend their own sovereignty and independence. At the same time, they must come out in open opposition to each and every act of imperialist depredation on other countries, like on Syria at the present time.

The Indian working class and people must demand of the Indian government that it come out loud and clear against the aggressive policy of US imperialism, in Syria and elsewhere. It is impermissible that the government does not take a firm stand in international fora against the repeated violation of the sovereignty of countries and peoples by US imperialism and its allies. Let us all demand with one voice:

US imperialism, hands off Syria!


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