On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany

The lessons of history must not be forgotten!

Public Meeting – 9.30 am, Sunday, May 10, 2015

Venue — Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Institutional Area, New Delhi

May 9, 2015, marks the 70th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. It marks the liberation of Europe from fascism and the end of the war in Europe.

The defeat of fascism gave a powerful impetus to the movement for enlightenment and progress worldwide.

The struggle against colonialism and imperialism advanced worldwide. Sovereignty of nations and peoples, their right to pursue their own economic and political course free from foreign dictate became a universally recognized principle. The Nuremburg principles clearly established command responsibility for crimes against humanity. The United Nations was formed on the basis of equality of all member countries, big or small, non interference in the internal affairs of other countries, opposition to racism, fascism and colonialism, and defence of human rights.

Today, seventy years later, the world is witness to the efforts of the Anglo American imperialists to completely rewrite the history of the Second World War.

Through repetition of lies, the role of the different forces in this war is being deliberately rewritten. Hitler and the Nazi fascists are being portrayed in a positive light. The role of the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazi fascism is completely obliterated. The role of Anglo American imperialists in egging on the Nazi fascists to conquer Europe and destroy the Soviet Union, as well as the close links of the big corporations of the US with the Nazi fascists, are completely covered up.

Lok Raj Sangathan is of the opinion that the rewriting of history of the Second World War is not merely a matter of interpretation. The disinformation about the War is deliberate, and is aimed at the promotion of revanchism, medievalism and fascism. It is the basis on which the present fascist governments in Ukraine and other countries justify their onslaught against progress and enlightenment in their own countries and world wide. It is a justification to reverse all the achievements of human kind after the end of the Second World War. It is also a preparation for a new World War for the redivision of the world amongst the imperialist powers.

In this situation, the struggle in defence of truth is a necessary component of the movement for enlightenment and progress in our country and on world scale.

Lok Raj Sangathan calls upon all progressive and democratic forces, all those who stand for enlightenment, to come together on one platform against imperialism, fascism and imperialist war.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Hitlerite Germany, Lok Raj Sangathan invites you to participate in a public meeting on the theme “The lessons of history must not be forgotten”.


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