Mass protests in the US against attacks on Immigrants and Muslims

Mass protests have broken out throughout the United States of America. Lakhs of people have come onto the streets in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities, defending the rights of immigrants, Muslims and refugees fleeing war torn countries. They have declared that No Human Being Is Illegal!

These protests immediately followed upon three executive orders issued by the new Trump administration. The first two issued on 25th January ordered the identification and arrest of "undocumented" immigrants and a halt to federal funding for sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are those city governments which refuse to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing the fascist immigration laws and in going after “undocumented” immigrants.

The third executive order issued on 27th January banned entry into the country of any non-citizen with a passport from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan or Yemen. It also suspended all entry of refugees into the US. While this order has been stayed by the Courts, President Trump has declared his intention to issue new orders which will achieve the same aim.

The US state has a history of attacking immigrants on a racist and chauvinist basis even while it promotes itself as the "land of immigrants". Immigrant workers are accused of taking away the jobs of Americans. The threat of arrest and deportation is used to make them submit to super-exploitative conditions. The US rulers selectively attack different communities at different times, while permanently promoting Anglo-Saxon chauvinism and racist outlook towards “people of colour”.

The American working class and people consist of persons of numerous national origins. The vast majority of them immigrated at some time during the past three centuries. This includes millions of people from India and Pakistan who have made the US their home. The taxi drivers of New York City and other cities of the US — a majority of whom are of Indian or Pakistani origin — have launched massive strikes in solidarity with immigrants and refugees who are under attack. This shows the growing spirit of defending the rights of all, considering an attack on one to be an attack on all.

In the year 2012 alone, over 400,000 people were deported. There are 960,000 people with deportation orders who are not in custody. With Donald Trump becoming President, the attacks on immigrants have greatly escalated. There have been many reports of escalation of racist attacks on people from Latin America, Asia and Africa. Reports of people being hounded by the police forces are coming from many cities of the US.

President Trump has announced that his government would build a wall along the border with Mexico to stop immigrants. Government of Mexico has issued a warning to the Mexican community in the US “to take precautions and to keep in touch with their nearest consulate”.

According to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, at least 39 cities and 364 counties in the US have refused to implement the Federal Laws dealing with immigrants. One of the aims of the executive orders issued by President Trump is to compel such local authorities to fall in line. It is bound to exacerbate the conflict between the Federal, state and local authorities. There is a real danger of the ruling class plunging the country into civil war. The people of the US and the world are confronted with a dangerous situation.

The US imperialists have been trying to justify fascist attacks at home, wars and plots to carry out "regime change" abroad, all in the name of fighting terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. However, this justification is being exposed as a fraud.

It is widely known that it is the American intelligence agency, the CIA, which set up, trained, armed and financed numerous terrorist groups, including the Al Qaida and the ISIS. President Trump himself accused Obama and Hillary Clinton of being the founders of the ISIS. A Bill introduced recently by a US Senator from Hawaii questions why the CIA has been training terrorist groups worldwide. In these conditions, there is widespread anger amongst the working class and people of the US against the savage attack on citizens and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.

A great clash is taking place in the US between the people and the authority over the question of rights. The working class and people of the US are refusing to agree to the criminalization of refugees and immigrants by the US state. They are refusing to accept the outdated racist notions of citizenship and rights, based on color and national origin. Their just struggle deserves the support of the working class and oppressed peoples of all countries.


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