On the Present Situation and Our Tasks: Assessment of the Plenum of the Central Committee, March 2017

The Second Plenum of the 6th Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India was convened on 25-26 March, 2017. Assessing the developments on the world scale, the Plenum noted the intensification of inter-imperialist contradictions and the growing tendency of capitalist ruling classes to resort to fascist methods of rule. It noted that the Indian big bourgeoisie is marching on an extremely dangerous path and could drag us into a reactionary war to fulfil its selfish aims. The Plenum reiterated that the only force that can defeat the bourgeoisie is the proletariat in alliance with the peasants and other oppressed.

The Plenum assessed that the times are calling on us communists to pour all our combined energies into building a powerful working class opposition to the offensive of the big bourgeoisie. We must arm the class with the revolutionary program of establishing a state and system that would ensure prosperity and protection for all, not merely in words but in deeds, by eliminating all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Global Developments

In the United States of America, former heads of big capitalist corporations are occupying leading positions in the Trump administration. Monopoly capitalists of various sectors are being exempted from health and safety standards and from having to comply with laws on workers’ rights. People have been bombarded with racist hysteria and fear created by travel bans and other restrictions targeted at Muslims and citizens of six Muslim majority countries. Mexican and other immigrant workers are being physically attacked. There is growing use of police powers against American citizens who do not agree with their government.

One of the first acts of the Trump Administration in the international arena was to launch attacks on Yemen, killing large numbers of innocent men, women and children. Drone attacks within the territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan have continued. President Trump has expressed his support for proposed measures to legalise torture of “suspected terrorists”, which the American state has been illegally carrying out so far. It is clear that US imperialism is continuing on the course of fascism and war, the path of flouting all norms of international conduct and wrecking nations by covertly sponsoring armed gangs and openly intervening militarily in the name of waging a “war against terrorism”.

The Trump headed government has pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and has declared it will renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada. It has also expressed its opposition to the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). There are acute contradictions between those American monopoly capitalists who seek to gain from global trade agreements and those who seek to gain from protecting the home market for American products.

In the middle of March, the US and South Korean armed forces conducted one of the biggest military exercises in the Korean peninsula, targeted at North Korea. Over 300,000 South Korean and US troops participated in this war game. The purpose was to signal American readiness to invade North Korea and carry out regime change. The American imperialists rejected China’s proposal that US stop the joint war exercises with South Korea in return for the North Korean government stopping its nuclear tests. As part of its Asia Pivot Policy, US imperialism now has more than 400 military installations spread in an arc around China, stretching from Japan and Okinawa to Australia.

The US imperialists are strengthening a strategic relationship with India as part of its Asia Pivot Policy targeted against China. They are egging the Indian state to confront China on various issues. The Indian state's moves in this direction have intensified contradictions between India and China.

The Indian Foreign Secretary and National Security Adviser have both visited the United States in recent weeks. The content of their discussions have not been revealed. It is being speculated that while India is seeking US support for its aggressive plans against Pakistan, the US is seeking India’s military cooperation with US plans in Afghanistan. Contradictions are intensifying between US imperialism and German imperialism. The 53rd annual Munich Security Conference, held during 17-19 February, revealed that Germany has decided to pursue the path of rapid militarisation. The German imperialists are seeking to transform the European Union into an economic cum political and military union under its leadership, which would at some point break out of the stranglehold exercised by US imperialism through NATO. There are reports that Germany wants to gain access to France’s nuclear arsenal by agreeing to co-finance its expansion. At the Conference, the American Vice President affirmed its continued leading role in the NATO military alliance.

Developments in India

The recent round of elections to five states has been used by the monopoly capitalists of India and abroad to manufacture a “people’s mandate” for their anti-people agenda. The election verdict is being used by the monopoly capitalists to legitimize a course which is opposed to the interests of the vast majority of the population, and promote Modi as the “people’s choice” to lead India until 2024.

The awarding of life imprisonment to several Maruti workers on trumped up murder charges, continuing persecution of progressive university students, brazen attacks carried out by so-called cow protection brigades are all signs of the fascist offensive of the ruling big bourgeoisie. The raking up of the Ayodhya dispute and the call of the Supreme Court for a "negotiated settlement" shows that the big bourgeoisie is continuing to rely on the old divide and rule tactics to divert and divide the growing opposition of the working class and peasantry to its anti-social and imperialist agenda.

There is growing anger among workers, peasants, women and youth against the fascistic assault on their rights. The challenge facing us communists is to steer this anger towards the revolutionary solution and prevent it from once again being diverted by advocates of a secular parliamentary alternative to BJP.

The Plenum positively assessed the organisational measures that have been taken since the 5th Congress last November to further strengthen and professionalise the party paper, Mazdoor Ekta Lehar. It reaffirmed the role of the party paper as being not only a collective propagandist and collective agitator, but also a collective organiser. It reaffirmed the party paper’s policy of regularly addressing questions confronting the advanced section of the working class, including questions of revolutionary theory and party policy, in addition to reporting on struggles and commenting on developments of interest to the vast majority of the working population.

Our Tasks

The recent elections have led to the political activists of many parties and groups awakening to the fact that election outcomes in the existing system have no relation to what the people are fighting for. The fraudulence of the claim that the people's will prevails in this system of parliamentary democracy is being increasingly exposed. We must use these conditions to escalate the propaganda about the necessity for Navnirman, for a new system in which people set the agenda and the will of the toiling majority prevails.

Having taken important organisational measures to strengthen the party paper and improve its form and content, we have to now pay attention to the challenge of increasing sales and distribution to a higher level. We have to break out of the limits of what we have been used to doing. We have to think afresh. Sale and distribution of the party paper must be organised according to a well thought out plan in every region, targeting specific sections of workers among whom constant work is carried out.

Targeted propaganda and agitation among workers in large-scale industry and services need to become part of the constant work in every region. We have to increase the readership of our paper among such sections of the working class, develop regular contacts, organise study groups and build party basic units.

The Plenum decided that all party organisations must go into mass campaign mode right away, towards May Day this year. The campaign should cover workers in all sectors including railways, roadways, banking, airlines, auto and garments industry, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. We must also mobilise women, youth and students to join May Day protests this year. We should use social media creatively to propagate our main political messages and slogans.

The Plenum noted that with the 1-15 April issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar, our party’s propaganda and education campaign to mark the Centenary Year of the Russian Revolution has begun. All regional committees must use this material and be guided by it while conducting discussions and meetings related to the Russian Revolution Centenary.


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