Demonstration against communal violence in Saharanpur

The state committees of seven left and communist parties demonstrated at Jantar Mantar on 5th June 2017, with the demand to bring to an end the state organized communal violence in Saharanpur and to punish the guilty.

Large number of activists of the parties and students participated in the demonstration.

Demo by communist paarties

Activists and supporters of Communist parties taking part in Joint demonstration at Jantar Mantar

It is on record that on 5th May 2017, a horrifying campaign of communal violence was unleashed at Shabbarpur village of Saharanpur, targeting the homes and property of Dalit residents. Men, women and children were fatally attacked. The state administration, the police and security forces were initially mute witnesses to the attacks and have since then begun harassing the victims. An atmosphere of communal tension is prevailing there.

Com. R.K. Sharma of SUCI (Communist), Com. Santosh Rai of CPI(M-L) Liberation, Com Nathu of CPI(M), Com. Nizam from RCP, Com. Dharmendra Kumar of Forward Bloc and Com. Santosh Kumar of the Communist Ghadar Party of India addressed the demonstration.

All the speakers unequivocally condemned the attack on Dalits.The speakers pointed out that the Saharanpur incident was neither the first nor the last of its kind in the country. The practice of dividing people on the basis of community, religion, language and area, targeting people of a particular community or faith, spreading lies and rumours about them and organizing genocide is a preferred and tested method of rule of our ruling class, notwithstanding the party in power. Our rulers are intensifying the attacks on the working class in the interest of augmenting the profits of the biggest Indian and foreign monopolies. Debt-ridden peasants are facing the bullets of the state. Thousands of youth are being rendered jobless. The ruling class is organizing these incidents of communal violence in order to divert the attention of the workers, peasants and youth from these problems. The bourgeois media plays its role in spreading rumours. All this happens under the supervision of the state, its institutions and security forces. The 1984 genocide of Sikhs, the communal bloodbath in 1992-93 following the demolition of Babri Masjid and the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 are all examples of this.

Condemning such communal attacks, which are organized across the country, speakers pointed out that it is the monopoly capitalist class that is principally responsible for vitiating the unity of and peace among people. Instead of guaranteeing the prosperity and security of the people, the State is blatantly violating its mandate. We have to bring about such a state and political system that is accountable to the people if the prosperity and security of society has to be ensured.

A representative committee of the parties in the demonstration submitted a petition to the Home Minister demanding that immediate steps be taken to treat the injured, to award compensation and to rebuild the homes destroyed, to mete out stringent punishment to those found guilty of organizing the communal violence and to ensure the restoration of peace in the area.


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8 Jan General Strike

Call of the Mazdoor Ekta Committee

The all India general strike has been called to resolutely oppose the course of enriching the capitalist minority by impoverishing the toiling majority. It has been called to assert the rights that belong to workers, peasants and other toiling people who create the wealth of India.

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5th Congress DocumentThe Report to the Fifth Congress of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, presented by Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the CGPI, on behalf of its Central Committee, was discussed and adopted by the Fifth Congress of the CGPI, held in November 2016. By decision of the Fifth Congress, this report has been edited for publication.

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There is growing realisation among workers, peasants and other self-employed people that the program of liberalisation and privatisation only serves to enrich an exploiting minority at their expense. Mass resistance is growing to this anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national program.

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