War mongering Indo-US military strategic alliance

The Editor,

I am writing in response to the Call of the CC of the CGPI dated 04-07-2017 entitled 'Oppose the anti-national, war mongering Indo-US military strategic alliance' carried in the July 16-31, 2017 issue of MEL.

This is a particularly important call because it clarifies the stand of the Party as to why such a military alliance is a path of disaster and also states explicitly that the people of India stand to gain nothing from an alliance with the most hated imperial power in the world.

It is well known that the US considers its domination over the Asian landmass as its primary objective in foreign policy. It also wants to eliminate China as a rival to this objective and willy-nilly enters alliances with all kinds of forces to encircle China. The pacts with India aimed precisely at sealing such an objective. The reason why the present Government has become a party to these arrangements is that it is the Government of the big monopoly houses of India that has aspirations to becoming the big regional player, and these forces wish to enter the arena to loot and plunder the riches of neighbouring countries. It is also an opportunity to buy a large amount of armaments and to set up all kinds of deals with big arms manufacturers, SEZs and build a military-industrial complex and loot the people of India even more.

Under the terms of the pact, there will be an Indo-Pacific sphere of influence that includes all of Asia and the countries of East Africa. The pact comes at a time when there is a lot of tension between India and Pakistan, India and China, and when there is open interference in the internal affairs of Iran by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The US would also like to drag India into its endless war in Afghanistan. By partnering the US at this time, the big monopoly houses think that they will also become partners to the booty that is lined up as political instability mounts in the region and more and more wars break out. The great joy of the Indian ruling classes is that the US has now for all practical purposes dumped its long time rival, namely Pakistan, which in turn is gravitating to China for support creating an extremely unstable situation. Despite this, the leadership in India speaks of the ability to fight several simultaneous wars, rather than to resolve problems both external and internal through dialogue and peaceful means.

All past experience shows that deals with the US leads only to disaster for the people of any country. Notable examples include our own neighbour Paksitan which was used by US imperialism and then thrown away, leading to deep instability, sectarian warfare and blood-baths. It is precisely such a fate that is in store for the people of India and the times are calling to unite and oppose these deals with the US. I am writing to second the call that we all unite and fight for the abrogation of the military strategic alliance of India with the US.


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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