Condemn US Warmongering and threats against the Korean people!

Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, August 18 2017 

Day by day, the US imperialists are escalating their threats to annihilate the people and government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) through nuclear and conventional weapons.US President Donald Trump has threatened the Korean people with “fire and fury that the world has never seen”. He has declared that its armed forces are ready to carry out this threat at any moment.

US warship in Korean waters

US-South Korea war exercises

US conducting war exercises in Korean waters with
South Korea and Japan

Top US officials have been holding confabulations with the leaders of South Korea, Japan, Australia and other US allies as part of these war preparations. The US and South Korean armed forces have been carrying out provocative war games close to the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea and in the seas surrounding the Korean Peninsula. Later in August, the US and South Korean armed forces will carry out a massive rehearsal on land, sea and air for invading and destroying North Korea. 30,000 US troops and three lakh South Korean military will participate in this rehearsal which includes unleashing nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction on North Korea.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the war mongering activities of the US against the Korean people.

The US imperialists have been constantly spreading disinformation about the problem in the Korean Peninsula. According to the US imperialist propaganda machine, North Korea is threatening peace in the region and the world because it has armed itself with nuclear weapons and is carrying out missile tests. This propaganda is repeated day in and day out to make out that North Korea is a "rogue state" which is a "grave threat to humanity" and the US is justified in trying to carry out regime change in North Korea.

Truth is being turned on its head through this US imperialist propaganda. North Korea has never aggressed on any other country. It has armed itself with nuclear weapons, and missile delivery systems to defend itself from the ever growing danger of aggression by the US.

US imperialism has the biggest stockpile of nuclear as well as conventional weapons of mass destruction on the planet. It has unleashed its armed might against various countries, after declaring them "rogue states", destroying these countries. The freedom and peace-loving peoples of the world increasingly understand that it is US imperialism that is the biggest threat to world peace and to humanity.

The people and government of North Korea have every right to defend themselves from foreign aggression. They have the bitter experience of the occupation and colonization of their country by the Japanese imperialists. At the end of the Second World War when they had finally liberated themselves from the jackboots of Japanese militarism, they faced the onslaught of US imperialism. The US carpet bombed Korea, and used biological and chemical weapons leading to the death of millions of people, in an effort to prevent the Korean people from becoming masters of their own country. The Korean peninsula is still divided and the US armed forces are stationed in South Korea, threatening not only the Korean people, but also other countries and peoples of the region. The US has never hidden its aims of carrying out regime change in North Korea. It has been imposing devastating economic sanctions against North Korea to achieve its aims.

Peace demo in South Korea

Korean people demonstrating for peace in Seoul

The Korean people, both in the North and South, deeply yearn for reunification. The US imperialists are dead set against the peaceful reunification of Korea. The peace-loving people of South Korea have come out repeatedly in protests against the militarization of the Korean Peninsula. They have opposed the provocative war games conducted by the US against the government and people of North Korea.

North Korea has repeatedly offered to stop testing its missiles on condition that the US stopped its provocative military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has repeatedly called for complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, which has been rejected by the US. Furthermore, the US has refused to sign a peace treaty with North Korea, more than six decades after the end of the bloody Korean War.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon the Indian people to condemn the US war mongering and war preparations against the Korean people. The US must withdraw its troops and bases from the Korean peninsula, so that the Korean people may be free to carry out the peaceful reunification of their country, without any foreign interference.


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