Letter on the Rohingya refugee crisis (I)

Sir, This is with reference to the article “The Rohingya refugee crisis” published in 1-15 Oct 2017 issue of the Mazdoor Ekta Lehar. The article provides an excellent perspective on the crisis along with information that is hard to find in the so called main stream media.

First, the article exposes the role of the colonial occupation and plunder of this entire region leading to the mass migration of people from one area to the other to work as indentured labourers in the colonial interest. It also bring out the role of the colonials power in sowing the seeds of division and instigating different against each other with the aim of prolonging the colonial occupation, as part of it policy of divide and rule.

Second, it exposes the role of the imperialist powers, particularly the US, in fishing in troubled waters, while hiding their real aim of encircling China and establishing it dominance over Asia.

Third and most importantly it exposes the shameful role of the Indian state, which has not only refused to provide refuge, but has declared entire people to be a security threat to India, without a shred of proof. It also projects the problem through communal lens. The claim that “the presence of… Rohingya people who are of the Muslim faith would lead to communal clashes with people of the Buddhist faith”, in fact shows that the Indian state is fomenting clashes between the communities. It is an established fact that it not the people of different communities, who are communal and against each other, but the Indian state which is communal to the core and uses every opportunity to divide people, on the basis of their identity. People of Indian should be beware of the plans of the Indian state and condemn its stand in no uncertain terms. They should also condemn and reject the constant communal hate propaganda of the Indian state and its agencies against the Rohingya refugees, the 24X7 propaganda of mis-information and disinformation, which can lead to a dangerous situation. They should demand that government abide foremost by humanitarian consideration, and tradition of this great land which through the ages always accepted people facing crisis and persecution.

The real danger and the security threat to the people of India and their entire region comes from colonial legacy of division and the machinations of the imperialists, with the US leading the lot.

The root of the refugee crisis in the region, whether within India or in the region lies in the snatching of the sovereignty of the people and states by the colonial powers in preceding centuries, and the continued denial of sovereignty as a result of colonial legacy inherited b various states in this region.

Vivek Kumar


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