Letter to Editor: On the War against terrorism

The article entitled `"War against terrorism" is the banner behind which US imperialism is trying to establish its domination over Asia' was very straightforward and logical. This article places in perspective the activities of the Government of India in trying to isolate Pakistan and accusing it of being among other things `..pre-eminent export factory of terror' and at times in the past as the `...epicentre of terror' and all other kinds of accusations. It is a fact that India and Pakistan have a history of animosity and have been carrying out various types of activities to undermine one another at all kinds of fora. It is also a fact that the Indian ruling circles themselves have been playing a role in keeping the waters in and around its borders muddy.

In particular, by refusing to admit that there is a problem in Kashmir and by portraying the problems in Kashmir as an externally fomented disturbance, the Indian ruling circles continue to oppress the people of Kashmir on a daily basis. Using terrorism as a pretext, the Indian ruling circles have imposed de facto martial law in Kashmir, protecting its armed forces using such draconian laws as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. The present attack comes in the form of the speech to the UN General Assembly by the External Affairs Minister who claims to have joined the chorus led by the US which has declared Pakistan to be an exporter of terror. This comes at a time when there is a renewed effort to reoccupy Afghanistan under the pretext that terrorists are destablizing that country, with part of the terror being sanctioned by Pakistan.

It is well-known that Afghanistan today is a base from which the US spies of China, and is also carrying out preparations for future military action against China, and that the circumstances in Afghanistan have resulted from inter-imperialist rivalry in the first instance starting in 1979 and more recently from the need to control the Eurasian land mass from the point of view of US imperialism. In this situation, Pakistan which is an erstwhile ally of the US finds itself at a crossroad of being squeezed by the US on the one side, China on the other and the contradiction between US imperialism and the people of Pakistan who have endured terror attacks, drone attacks and the line for decades now.

Fishing in these troubled matters is the Indian ruling circles who wish to humiliate Pakistan and settle its historical scores and also to emerge as a partner of the US to help encircle China and also to expand its own sphere of influence especially to the east. In this dangerous dance, it is the Indian people who are trapped and will have to pay a dear price, indeed as the people of Pakistan have had to for the dalliance of their ruling circles with US imperialism in the era before the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

The article clearly points out how the rise of so-called Islamic terror is a creation of the US intelligence services who have created all kinds of groups to play havoc in various countries where Muslim peoples have been living for generations. Such groups with the full backing of the US have carried out great acts of sabotage and treason, bringing down governments and dissolving states as in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and now in Afghanistan and Pakistan to cite some instances. At the heart of all this is the yearning of US imperialism to redraw and recarve Asia to become a vassal of its own interests. It is big finance capital, oil companies and the military-industrial complex that are the driving forces of all these events. The Indian ruling circles must be roundly condemned for trying to become a partner of this most vile of powers in the world. The people of India must all unite and fight against rallying behind the US manufactured `war on terror' slogan which is a byword for their destroying the countries of the region.



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