Letter to Editor: Hail the Great October Revolution

I am writing to thank you for carrying the detailed and in-depth article in the October 1-15, 2017 issue of MEL as we mark the centenary of the great October Revolution in Russia. This has been the greatest victory for the working class in the era of modern capitalism and is a great inspiration for the working class today. The lessons of the Russian Revolution will always be a beacon for communists now and in the future. The article gives the history of the period just before the Revolution took place as well as the events that allowed the watershed revolution.

The Russian Revolution took place when the World War was in its crescendo and far from being settled. It was a period in which the old order was in complete disarray and the bourgeoisie was striving to continue its rule by various compromises and also a period that was riven with inner contradictions between various ruling circles. It was also a period in which the bourgeoisie was considerably weakened and unable to have a clear programme of its own. By getting the Russian people and the working masses into a disastrous imperialist war, the ruling circles had sown the seeds of their own destruction. Furthermore, it was a period in which the Bolshevik party with its superior theoretical understanding and with this practical approach to class struggle and prepared the working class to take on its historical mission to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

In particular, it was the Marxist-Leninist line that it is impossible to have a compromise between the bourgeoisie and the working class that prevailed and eventually brought about the revolution. The main message for the revolutionary forces today from this event is that the historical forces and the contradictions will, from time to time, reach a stage when the ruling circles will necessarily be weak. They will continue to seek methods of perpetuate their rule. But indeed such opportunities must not be missed by the working class. It is through skilful organization and through uncompromising commitment to class struggle that communist parties lead this struggle and seize the moment and prepare society for socialism and communism. Reading the timeline of the events in November 1917 fill me great joy and I find them to be inspirational.

You have taken pains to give a clear and concise sequence of events, interspersing them with the tactical and theoretical stands of the Bolshevik party. In the final analysis, the deeds speak louder than words. The Russian Revolution was successful and showed the world that a different system is possible. Let this be a source of inspiration for us today. Of special note is that excerpt that you have provided from the History of the CPSU (Bolsheviks) pointing out the chief reasons for the victory of the proletarian revolution in Russia. These have great lessons for the people of India today: that they must vest their trust in the working class and call for an alliance with the peasantry, and trust committed Communist parties to carry out the revolution and liberate them from their bondage.

A. Narayan


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