Guilty must be punished

Dear Editor, MEL

This is in response to the Call of the CC of the CGPI dated 24-10-2017 on the eve of the 33rd anniversary of the state-sponsored massacre of Sikhs in 1984. The call emphasizes that the struggle to punish the guilty of the 1984 genocide has not yet been fruitful, and also that such a struggle is part and parcel of the struggle to establish a new state that will ensure prosperity and protection for all.

Indeed, the Call makes a sombre remembrance of the ghastly events of those days in 1984 when innocent men, women and children who were Sikh were targeted for genocide by leaders of the ruling party, who openly coined the slogan that translates to `we will avenge blood with blood' thereby holding all Sikhs responsible for the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards, who happened to be Sikhs.

To date, the precise events remain shrouded in secrecy, and what is known is that, that landmark event was used to usher in one of the worst incidents of blood-letting. Organized mobs were allowed to run loose and take maim and kill people. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is famously quoted as saying `when a large tree falls, the earth is bound to shake' thereby clearly stating that this was all part of a plan to drown the country in a river of blood, and then to pave the path to a major victory for the Congress party to come to power.

For several years prior to these events, all Sikhs were portrayed as enemies of Hindus, and the state repressions in Punjab portrayed as an exercise in nation building and preserving the unity and integrity of India. In reality, the advancing of capitalism had wrecked the lives of the common people in Punjab and opposition to this was portrayed as being destructive to the country. These events as well as many other communal events are the product of a deliberate strategy of the big bourgeoisie in India which seeks to keep the people of the country divided along religious and other kinds of lines. There is plenty of evidence and more to prove that all communal events in the country have a mastermind behind them, and it is the Indian bourgeoisie and its state machinery. Thus, in order to meet the ends of justice this important to get rid of both the bourgeoisie as well as its machinery.

This must be replaced by the rule of the working people and their instruments of state power, which alone can guarantee the safety and well-being of all. Let the struggle continue. I am writing to second the Call of the CC of the CGPI and heartily support its content.

A. Narayan, Bangalore


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