Letter to Editor: Keynote speech of Comrade Lal Singh

The Keynote Speech by Com. Lal Singh, General Secretary of the CGPI delivered on the occasion of the Party Conference to commemorate the Centenary of the Great October Revolution has drawn very clear lessons for Indian communists, while hailing this great event and the leadership of the Party in this.

This cataclysmic event came at the time of acute crisis in the camp of the bourgeoisie that was unable to reconcile their inner contradictions and took the entire world to war in the years of 1914-1918. In the midst of this, it was under the leadership of Com. V. I. Lenin and the Bolshevik Party with its advanced theoretical outlook and meticulous preparation that the first great Socialist Revolution took place, which was to shake the world at its foundations, and which laid the basis for an alternative system that lasted well over half a century.

The Revolution was facilitated by the consciousness of the working class and the leadership of a vanguard party, and to date remains a beacon for all the suffering peoples of the world. In the period since the Revolution to the present there have been many developments, and yet there are also great similarities. While the period of the revolution gave an opportunity for working people, peasantry, as well as women to participate as equals for the first time in modern history, a time when the nationality question was treated on the most advanced notions of the time, it was also a period in which the bourgeoisie organized itself world over and organized reaction on a scale unparalleled to wage war and to bring down the socialist alternative to their system.

It was also an event that showed that the laws of development of society and economy are objective, and from the view point of dialectical materialism and class struggle that socialist and communism are inevitable, that capitalist and imperialism are a moribund system, and that they will eventually be eaten up by the contradictions that are generated within that system. That the basis of the contradiction lies in the social mode of production and the private means of ownership is what takes the system to its inexorable demise. Furthermore, in their system it is the rule of the bourgeoisie that is enshrined, whereas in the era following the Great October Revolution, it would be the rule of the working people and through their own Soviet state. That such a thing could be established on earth, based on the theory of Marxism-Leninism stands as the crowning achievement of the Revolution as we commemorate its centenary.

Another important achievement was to show it was not necessary that a revolution should occur only in the most advanced countries, and that it would be where the system was at its weakest, is yet another great achievement of the Revolution. It shows that the way to work for Revolution is to contend with the Here and Now, and to ensure that the conditions are prepared on the ground today. It also showed that there can be no reconciliation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, and there cannot be any kind of harmonizing of their class interests which stand poles apart. These lessons are valuable today for the working class and also for the people of India in particular.

In the period since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Indian bourgeoisie went on the war-path and organized itself to arrive on the scene as an imperialist power. This has been done at the expense of the working class, which found itself to be isolated and pushed out, and the only way it was allowed to survive was itself to tom-tom that there was no alternative to the capitalist system, and that it should also go on the path of compromise. This was also facilitated on the world scale by the disintegration of communist parties and socialist parties. But in these two and a half decades, the contradictions have now come to the fore, and the working people and toiling masses find themselves to be facing intolerable conditions as the bourgeoisie enriches itself and is on a fascistic path of an unprecedented scale. The fact that despite this onslaught the CGPI exists and is articulating the line of no compromise then and now gives us cause to cheer. It shows there is a future.

Let us learn from the past and plan a future for a socialist world.

Let us work towards building unity among communists and prove the validity of Marxism-Leninism. Let us get rid of the moribund capitalist system. Let us defeat the bourgeoisie and build a new world and in deed honour the achievement of the Great October Revolution.


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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