Letters to the Editor: Sectarian violence

Dear Sir,

With reference to the recent acts of vandalism and intimidations after the announcement of the Tripura Assembly elections results, I am happy to note that Communist Ghadar Party has condemned these for what they are – attempts at creating conflicts among the people by spreading sectarian hatred and terror.

The point that is important to grasp is that it is the rulers who organise such dastardly acts and then spread lies that one or another set of people have spontaneously carried out the action when in fact these are organised with full blessings of the rulers. It is remniscent of how British rulers used to create communal tensions by having its goons kill a cow in front of a temple or throw a dead pig in front of a mosque. The State propaganda then blamed religious communities for carrying out the provacation, hiding its own role in organising it. In some cases they succeed in imposing violence on the people and even massacres.

These are cowardly acts because they avoid settling any issue through an informed and open democratic discussion. Take for instance the issue of Lenin's statues in the South Tripura district. Assuming that there are some people who are against having the statues there, the question can be posed to the residents for deciding whether or not Lenin's statue should be there. Instead of taking up the question in a civilised way, elements (connected with the ruling coalition) carried out unauthorised demolition of the statues. Thus, the will of the ruling class is imposed on the people while creating suspecion and misgivings among them.

Various excuses and justifications are advanced in the monopoly controlled media for people to accept these acts as normal. Neither the criminals who carry out the acts nor those in positions of authority are held accountable for break down of law and order because it is the State itself which organises these. What is needed is to strengthen the unity of the people against the State-organised anarchy and violence. I second the call given by CGPI to unite together to oppose the use of force to settle political and ideological differences, oppose the politics of divide and rule and oppose state terrorism and in defence of universal human and democratic rights.

Sagar (MP)


Dear Editor,

CGPIs statement on Sectarian violence published in Mazdoor Ekta Lahar of 16th to 31st March 2018 points out that the spreading of sectarian hatred and terror is part and parcel of the criminal politics of divide and rule practiced by those in power. The statement correctly points out that Indian ruling classes have continued the British colonial policy of divide and rule since 1947. The ruling classes use various means at their disposal to incite sectarian violence. They then use their media to spread lies about such incidents and try to misuse their beliefs to further inflame passions. Statement points out as to how the recent attacks on communists and Lenin’s statue were spearheaded by BJP leaders under the watchful eyes of the central and state security forces. Same was the experience of Bheema Koregaon related incidents which rocked Maharashtra in January this year. The facts later revealed as to how the government allowed various persons to carry out incendiary propaganda which later led to violence in Maharashtra.

The statement very logically explains that since the ruling classes cannot fulfil the needs of working people, they have to resort to criminal methods of diversion and division of the people in order to maintain the existing order. Communists and progressive people cannot afford to forget this. It is important to recognize that, support of any activity which seeks to settle ideological and political differences amongst working people by using force, serves the ruling classes. Only by defending the inviolability of the right to conscience can we defeat the plans of the ruling class.



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