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Imperialist lies and justification

Dear sir,

I am writing to thank you for carrying the bold and principled Statement of the CGPI dated 14 April 2018 entitled 'Condemn the brutal missile attacks on Syria'. Indeed, as the statement says, all peace loving people of the worlds must unite to condemn the USA, the UK and France, the so-called `allies' in carrying out this barbaric act which is a flagrant violation of international law.

The pretext for the bombing was that according to these aggressors the regime headed by Mr. Bashar al-Assad had carried out chemical warfare against civilians. Nothing could be further from the truth because at this time, the Syrian Government forces have been gaining a lot of lost ground from the rebels and insurgents who have been financed by the same set of imperialist aggressors. It would defy all logic for the Syrian Government to do such a thing, because it would provide the pretext for them to become a target of aggression. Rather, it is a fact that there have been chemical stockpiling by the so-called rebels for years now, and the Syrian Government and representatives of other agencies such as the Russian envoy to the chemical weapons watchdog group, OPCW have evidence that this provocation was staged by NGO's in the pockets of the imperialist aggressors.

In this instance and in the past, there have always been lot of pieces of evidence that first so-called false flag operations are launched by intelligence agencies of the imperialist aggressors, as well as by other shadowy organizations funded either by them or directly by the Governments of such countries to create a provocation so as to be able to launch aggression against countries and regimes that have, or one reason or another, been an obstruction to the agenda of the imperialist aggressors. This has been the case in the notorious dossiers regarding so-called `weapons of mass destruction' against Iraq in 2002 and 2003 that enabled the USA to launch the operations to oust the regime of Saddam Hussein and to carry out full-fledged occupation of Iraq, and other pretexts to occupy Afghanistan

and Libya.

Syria has long been on the radar of the USA as well as its permanent all-weather ally Israel in the middle east, as well as the UK and France, which are former colonial powers of that region. Together they have cobbled together an architecture to dominate West Asia and North Africa, and it was necessary for them to install a regime in Syria to favour this arrangement. In the long term, they also wish to box in Iran to have a full control of the oil-bearing regions as well as to encircle Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

It is with this view that they have been backing various rebel groups in Syria. In the recent past, these rebels who had gained significant military victories have been beaten back by Syrian Government forces, which constitutes a defeat for their agenda, and almost certain military defeat of their proxies in the region. The present round of bombings is a prelude to further intensification of military activities which are likely. Furthermore, stablization of the regime of al-Bashar would constitute a victory to their traditional rival Russia in the region, all the provacations of the `allies' brings the world ever closer to World War III. There are non-stop drumbeats of war and demonization of Russia in the press and media of the imperialist aggressors and among those who are in their orbit. Given this scenario, all peace loving peoples of the world should spare no effort in roundly condemning the flagrant violation of international law. It may also be worth noting that even in those countries Congress and Parliament were not consulted or a vote taken before the launch of these attacks. Thus, the attacks are illegal in every possible sense of the word and M/s Trump, May and Macron deserve to be roundly condemened by peoples of those countries too as war criminals and impeachment proceedings be brought against them and that they be brought to book for their criminal actions.

The people of India at this time must be alert to the dangers and bring great pressure on the Indian Government to not support this criminal act and bring pressure on them in all possible fora including at the United Nations. I once again praise the CGPI for its bold and fearless stand on the issue.

A. Narayan


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