Mass condemnation of attacks on Kashimiris: Salute the solidarity of the Indian people!

Following the terrorist attack on CRPF jawans in Kashmir on 14 February, a reign of terror has been unleashed against Kashmiris living, working or studying in other states.

The Prime Minister and other ministers have deliberately fanned the flames of hatred and violence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave highly provocative speeches in Patna and Varanasi, calling for “revenge for every drop of blood” and “the fire raging in your hearts is raging in my heart too”. The Governor of Meghalaya has even issued the call to “boycott everything Kashmiri”!

These heads of states and political leaders have given the cue for the attacks on Kashmiri students, shop-owners and other working people of Kashmiri origin across several states in the country. The local administration and police have looked on while these attacks have taken place. In several cases the police have refused to file FIRs or apprehend the persons leading these gangs.

In Jammu, mobs led by ruling class politicians have attacked, vandalized and burnt down houses, business establishments and vehicles of Kashmiris. These attacks were carried out under the supervision of the local administration, even while a curfew was supposed to be in place. In Patna, Kashmiri traders and residents of the Kashmir Bazaar area were severely beaten up and their goods and establishments destroyed. They have been forced to flee for safety. In Delhi, gangs shouting provocative slogans have been allowed a free hand to incite violence against Kashmiris.

Kashmiri students are being labeled “terrorist”, “anti-national” and “Pakistani agents”. They have been attacked and terrorised in Dehradun, Ambala, Bengaluru and other cities. False cases have been made against them for allegedly raising “anti-national” slogans and for alleged “anti-national” posts on social media, after which the authorities have been harassing them. The heads of at least two educational institutions in Dehradun have been forced to give a written undertaking that they will not admit Kashmiri students from the next academic session.

Hundreds of fake and fabricated video and other posts are being widely circulated on social media, to defame Kashmiris and incite violence against them. Several TV channels owned by the big corporate monopoly houses have stoked the fire by claiming that these attacks on Kashmiris are a “backlash” to the bomb attack on the CRPF in Pulwama. They are justifying these attacks as the “spontaneous response” of ordinary people. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The state agencies, the ruling party at the center and the monopoly controlled media have been systematically whipping up hysteria and hatred against Kashmiris. It is the ruling class that has created the present atmosphere of hatred, anarchy and violence. We cannot forget how the central Government headed by the Congress Party created a similar atmosphere of hatred and violence by spreading venomous lying propaganda against the Sikh community, leading to the genocide of Sikhs in 1984.

The existing capitalist system headed by the monopoly houses cannot provide for the people. Our rulers have to resort to criminal methods of diversion and division of the people in order to maintain the existing order. Creating a climate of violence and terror helps the ruling class to keep the toiling majority of people divided and terrorized. The recent acts of spreading sectarian hatred and terror against Kashmiris are meant to serve the same purpose.

However, the attempt to isolate and terrorise the people of Kashmir has failed. These criminal attacks have been widely condemned. In contrast to the stand of those in power, people all over the country, have come out in large numbers on the streets and on social media, condemning these attacks on Kashmiris and the hate propaganda. They have come out boldly in defence of Kashmiris, ensuring their safety. The exemplary manner in which the Sikh community in Punjab and other states of Northern India has extended its physical support to the Kashmiri student youth and people is evidence of this mass sentiment.

Students and youth all over the country have unequivocally expressed support for their Kashmiri brethren, condemned the hate-mongering and mob attacks and called for strengthening our unity and solidarity. Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University have demanded that the authorities ensure safety of the students and prevent any attack on any section of the students in the campus. Teachers and students of JNU, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia University have defended Kashmiri students from attempts to attack and humiliate them.

The Communist Ghadar Party salutes the courage, the spirit of unity and solidarity that the people of our country have shown in standing by the Kashmiris in their hour of need. People have done so, defying threats to their own lives.

In the face of widespread condemnation of the attacks on Kashmiris, Prime Minister Modi has declared that “we are not against Kashmir or the Kashmiris”! This is very similar to the “apology” tendered by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2005 for the 1984 genocide of Sikhs.

Let us further strengthen our unity against sectarian violence and hate campaigns, terrorism and state terrorism! Let us oppose the use of force to settle political and ideological differences! Let us reject and defeat the politics of divide and rule! Let us defend human and democratic rights of all!


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