Letters received from readers in response to the Communique of the Plenum published in the MEL issue June 16-30

Dear Editor

I read the MEL issue 12 which had published the Communique of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India. The report has explained the reasons behind the record-breaking victory of the BJP in the recent elections.

I work in some of the colonies of the workers in South Delhi. Residents of these colonies were shocked at the election results in the context of a lot of anger against the BJP amongst the people. Even the activists and others associated with the BJP were quite shocked. How then this result? What are those forces that can bring such a government to power through elections, which is against the will of the people? What are their motives, which are contrary to people’s aspirations? We need to understand their game.

The prevailing system of representative democracy is bourgeois democracy. Notwithstanding the fact that workers and peasants cast their votes, this system delivers a result in the interests of the capitalists. The bourgeoisie gives money to bring the party of its choice to power. The media is used to portray such a party as the choice of the people. Slogans that people want to hear are used in the propaganda. It is not just the Indian capitalists who intervened in these elections, but the hand of US imperialism was evident, through the large US companies of Google, Whatsapp, Facebook. These companies used modern technology to play a big role in bringing BJP to power. The US acted in its own interest when it helped BJP to come to power. US imperialism wants that Indian government should ally with its strategy of eliminating Iran, blocking China and weakening Russia.

Workers and peasants must reject this system because this system denies them their rights. This system denies the right to jobs to the youth of our country. It denies the universal right to our children to equal access to modern quality education. This system is not capable of putting an end to the poverty and hunger in our society. It is not capable of putting an end to the violence against our people on the basis of religion, caste and gender.

I was very happy that our Party put forward the programme of the working class – the Renewal of India – in these elections. Our Party placed the alternative agenda of working class rule in place of bourgeois rule, before the people. Renewal means that people are sovereign, they can be the decision makers.

I salute the courage of the Party for its participation in the elections.

New Delhi

Dear Editor

I read the communique of the plenum of the central committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India with utmost attention and interest. The analysis of the general election concluded recently and the role of our party in the election based on the outlook of the working class is an excellent example of class analysis and participation of communist in election under capitalists system. The role of the party during the election is also an outstanding example of communist work and tactics. The capitalist in India and the world over are using every means at the disposal – lies, hatred, terror and physical violence to hide their real intention and programme and divert the attention of the people from their problems.

Challenging the programme and rule of the capitalists class the Communist Ghadar Party of India has boldly come out with the programme of the working class for the renewal of India – Navnirman of India. This programme is in sharp contrast to the anti-worker, anti-people and anti-national programme of privatization, liberalization and globalization of the bourgeoisie to which all which all the bourgeoisie parties are committed to and present in different forms. The most important aspect of this programme of Navnirman is that it has not been kept limited to discussion in conferences and conventions, but has been put up for discussion, elaboration and development in the electoral arena, with the working class, so that the entire working class of the country and particularly that of the capital of the country Delhi, become aware of this programme an takes it up for agitation and implementation. This programme of Navnirman reflects the demands and aspirations of all those who are oppressed under the present system, and are yearing for liberation from oppression and exploitation.

I had the opportunity to actively participate in this campaign in Delhi, and I can say with great confidence that the working class has not only accepted this programme for Navnirman of India but has come out to propagate it to the entire working class and people. The young workers in particular took upon themselves to take this programme to working class and people in very systematic and planned way, moving through the lanes and by-lanes of working class colonies, knocking at every door and discussing the programme with workers, youth, and women.

The most important aspects is that the campaign has not stopped after elections. As we all know, as soon as the election are over the members and activists of the bourgeoisie parties go back to their rabbit holes, only to come back before next elections, to create divisions and diversions amongst the working people. In contrast to this the young comrades of the Communist Ghadar Party are continuing the campaign for Navnirman of India, with full enthusiasm. They are continuing the work of reaching out to the people, explaining the outcome of the election, the role of the big capitalists and US imperialists in bringing the present government back to power, and the need for Navnirman of India, all with the aim of building the political unity of the people and contributing to communist unity.

The communique of the central committee will strengthen this work.


Harishchandra, Noida


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Parties of the capitalist class claim that there is no
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The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s
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