From our readers: Comrade Nexhmije Hoxha

The Editor,


I was saddened to hear of the passing away of Com. Nexhmije Hoxha earlier this year at the age of 99.  The lives of such persons will always be a beacon to the generations that follow.  We in the revolutionary camp believe that it is human beings that can solve the problems of human society, and when we look back and reflect on the lives of revolutionaries we learn from them. 

We also believe that the best way of honouring such persons is to carry forward the work to which they dedicated their lives.  In particular, the life of Com. N. Hoxha is also a telling history of the age that she lived in.  She was a great resistance fighter and stood against the fascist and Nazi occupation of her land during the World War II.  She also fought against the shackles of the society in which she was born and fought as an equal and more with all the other brave men and women.  Together they defeated the fascist onslaught and founded the state that would build socialism in Albania. 

Besides that, she stood solidly with party they founded and led, and with all other communists of that era, and also rejected the line of Soviet revisionism that was established after the death of Comrade J. V. Stalin.  Needless to say, she also fought against the Anglo-American encirclement that viewed socialism as the enemy that had to be overthrown in their quest for world domination.

As time elapsed and the forces of the counter-revolution grew and no country was able to withstand, Com. N. Hoxha bravely faced her accusers and served a sentence after the collapse of communism. By doing so she set an example; she proved that she had nothing to hide and nothing to fear.  It is the steadfast nature of the work of persons such as Com. N. Hoxha that will inspire all of us.

I thank you for carrying this heartfelt condolence note. I join you in extending condolences to her family and the people of Albania.


A. Narayan



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