Unite to Fight for Peace in South Asia! Defeat US plots for war in our region!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 12th Dec 2008

Following the Mumbai terror attacks of 26-28 November, the degree of US penetration and interference in South Asia is on the rise. Hordes of US intelligence forces have entrenched themselves in India, in the name of helping to investigate terrorism. American troops have already crossed the western border of Pakistan and launched armed attacks on the Baluchis and Pathans. There is growing threat of deeper penetration of US armed forces into Pakistan and stepped up violence against freedom fighters in Afghanistan. Obama has unveiled his plan to increase the presence of US troops in Afghanistan, from 34,000 to about 58,000, even as he promises to reduce the level of troops in Iraq.

The Mumbai terror attacks are being used to build up an "international coalition" in support of armed aggression on Pakistan, in addition to continued US occupation and war in Afghanistan. These are dangerous developments for peace and security of peoples in South Asia.

The Manmohan Singh government has invited American intelligence agencies to collaborate with Indian intelligence agencies in investigating the Mumbai attacks. It has opened India's door to the most dangerous power in the world. It is joining hands with the US to exert maximum pressure on Pakistan, including appealing to the UN Security Council. It is playing an active role in preparing public opinion, both within India and on the world scale, for war against Pakistan in the name of fighting terrorism.

We, the peoples of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and other countries of South Asia, do not stand to gain from increasing US penetration of this region. We do not gain from war spreading in South Asia. We cannot and must not believe that US intelligence will help us to find out the truth about the Mumbai terror attacks.

US and its intelligence agencies are well known for manufacturing the most monstrous lies to suit their narrow interests. They lied to the world that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, only to justify US aggression, destruction and armed occupation of Iraq.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States is the creator and sponsor of most of the terrorist groups in Pakistan and across its border with Afghanistan. The CIA, along with the MI6 of Britain, created such groups to infiltrate the Afghan resistance to Soviet armed occupation in the eighties. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Anglo-American imperialists have been playing the 'terrorism card' whenever it suits their interests. Since 2001, they have used their hidden connection with numerous armed groups to split the Afghan resistance to US occupation, and to manipulate the situation in Pakistan in their own favour.

American control in Afghanistan is growing weaker at this time. US occupation troops have suffered higher casualties at the hands of the Afghan liberation fighters in 2008, than in any previous year. According to the International Council on Security and Development , only 28% of Afghanistan is under the control of the US led occupation troops and the puppet Karzai government. The remaining 72% is in the hands of the Afghan resistance.

The Afghan resistance to external occupation enjoys sympathy and support of peoples in Baluchistan and the North-West Frontier Province. US military incursions into Pakistan to destroy this support have faced massive popular opposition. In this context, the Mumbai terror attacks have provided the pretext for US imperialism to enhance its troop deployment, and step up pressure on the Government of Pakistan to crack down on any force that resists US imperialism and its puppets.

Recent developments must be seen in the context of the weakening of the position of US imperialism on the world scale. The United States economy is in deep crisis. The US wants war to spread in Asia, in order to assert its military superiority and global 'leadership'. It sees control over Asia as an essential condition for dominating the world. It sees control of Afghanistan and the western provinces of Pakistan as being necessary for encircling Iran, further penetrating the Central Asian states that are rich in oil and gas reserves, as well as to contain and restrict the influence of Russia in this region.

Following the deepening and widening of mass opposition among Asian peoples, to the unjust aggression and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, US imperialism is adapting its tactics. Obama, who is being groomed to take over from Bush, is charged with the task of manufacturing an "international coalition" before launching the next US led military adventure. The Mumbai terror serves this objective very well, because of the interests of capitalists all over the world to have India as a secure place to make super-profits. The US imperialists are counting on the collaboration of the Indian bourgeoisie in its game plan.

Communist Ghadar Party of India calls on all peace loving people in India to raise their voices against the US plots to embroil this region in war. Let us demand that the Government of India immediately stops its collaboration with US intelligence agencies, and its warmongering against Pakistan!

Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are under serious threat today. Let us stand together with all peoples of South Asia against all forms of imperialist penetration and occupation of any part of our land. Let us work together to uproot US imperialism from South Asia, including its armed troops and covert agents.


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