Fight for Peace in South Asia!

Expel US imperialism from this region!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 11th Jan 2009

More and more people are realizing that there is a serious and growing threat to peace in the South Asia region. Who or what is threatening peace in South Asia?

India blames Pakistan and Pakistan blames India for creating war hysteria. The United States, meanwhile, is happy to present itself as the ‘honest broker’ between the warring neighbours.

Following the Mumbai terror attacks, various American leaders including President elect Obama made statements that they understand that India cannot rule out the military option. This was an incitement for warmongering against Pakistan. At the same time, the spokesmen of the US Government officially say that their aim is to restrain the nuclear neighbours from going to war.

In order to really appreciate what is going on, it is necessary for the working class and peace loving peoples to understand the way in which the US in particular, and various imperialist states are pursuing their hegemonic aims at the present time. While they all pretend that saving the world from anarchy and terrorism is their goal, their real aim is to establish and expand their respective spheres of influence. Their aim is to dominate markets, monopolise sources of raw materials and their supply routes, while sabotaging all resistance to their dictate.

The US has arrogated to itself the “right” to lay down the law for the world. It declares this or that country as a ‘rogue state’ or a ‘failed state’ and on that basis launches wars of aggression and occupation, all in the service of its aim of dominating the whole world.

The US has waged many wars to establish and expand its sphere of influence in the oil rich regions of west and central Asia, and to sabotage the resistance of peoples and nations in this region to foreign domination. When its puppet the Shah of Iran was overthrown by a popular revolution, the US incited Iraq to attack Iran, and prolonged this war in order to weaken both. In the nineties, the US incited Iraq to aggress on Kuwait, and then used this as the pretext to launch a deadly war on Iraq.

Since 2001, the US has used the 9/11 attacks to make “war on terror” its main plank for launching wars of aggression and occupation. It has encircled Iran by militarily occupying both Afghanistan and Iraq. It has further strengthened its position in the central Asian republics that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. It is seeking to further strengthen its position in southern Afghanistan and western Pakistan, so as to quell the resistance of the freedom loving peoples there. It wants to secure for itself an oil supply route from central Asia to the Arabian Sea via Baluchistan.

Various other big powers and emerging powers have their own respective agendas for regional or global domination. From Germany in the west to Japan in the east, and Russia, China and India in Asia – all the established and emerging big powers are interested in the US breaking down all manner of democratic norms in relations among states. This is because each of them is interested to use similar means, at the appropriate time, to push its own imperialist agenda in the name of wiping out a particular brand of terrorism and a particular ‘rogue state’ or ‘failed state’.

The Indian bourgeoisie wants to use the situation to expand its own sphere of influence in the region. It is interested in securing its own alternative oil supply route from west and central Asia. It is hoping to use its strategic alliance with the US to advance its own imperialist ambitions. It is seeking to use the Mumbai terror attacks as the pretext to threaten aggression on Pakistan, and to place all kinds of impossible demands that it knows that the Government of Pakistan cannot fulfill.

The State of Pakistan has for a long time been closely allied in a strategic relationship with the US, and facilitated increasing US imperialist interference in this region. Today, the people of Pakistan are strongly opposing and resisting US domination. The rulers of that country are caught in a bind, between the strong anti-imperialist sentiments of the people and the strong American influence within the state agencies, including the armed forces and intelligence agencies.

The people of Pakistan want peace and not war with India. In India too there is widespread opposition to war, especially among those who stand to suffer the most, such as the peoples of the border states of Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. War between the two countries will not benefit the peoples on either side.

Workers and peasants of India and of Pakistan are brothers and sisters, both victimized by the colonial legacy and the capitalist-imperialist system. The same is true of working people in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries in this sub-continent. The peoples of South Asia want solutions to the economic, political and social problems that plague this subcontinent. We want peace and security of life, without which it is not possible to solve any of the burning economic or political probelms.

It is not in the interests of any of our people for US imperialism to get further entrenched in this region. It is not in our interests for India or Pakistan to engage in the American intrigues and imperialist plots in this region. It is completely against our interests that both India and Pakistan should be asking help from US imperialism to put pressure on each other.

History shows us the terrible fate that befalls the peoples and countries whose rulers have played the American game. Iraq and Pakistan are prime examples of our times. Iraq is under American occupation, and the US today holds Pakistan by the throat. The Indian ruling circles, instead of learning from the lessons of history, are rushing on the dangerous course of playing the US game, unmindful of what disasters the US will wreak on our country and people in the coming period.

People must not forget that it is US imperialism which sponsored and armed the various terrorist groups in the first place. The US heads the list of rogue states, which sponsor terrorism and unleash wars of aggression and occupation. Faced with severe economic crisis, with mounting external debt, the US is increasingly relying on militarisation and war to keep its economy afloat. Neither peace nor security from terror attacks can be achieved without waging a stern struggle to expel US imperialism from this region.




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