Condemn US-NATO aggression on Libya

Dear Editor

On 19th March 2011, the warmongers of Western Europe and North America launched their naked aggression on Libya under the pretext of a UN mandate. On 19th March 2003, the warmongers of Western Europe and North America launched their naked aggression on Iraq without a UN mandate. What is the difference? For the Anglo American aggressors, any excuse will do, as long as they can install a puppet regime to serve their neo colonial interests. The UN mandate fraudulently produced and promoted by the Anglo – French imperialists is in complete violation of the internal affairs and domestic problems of the state of Libya.

The mass media has been constantly promoting the notion that "Muammar Gaddafi is killing his own people", and is a "vicious dictator", and "they have to invade to save lives". This is classic Anglo-American rubbish which was also touted before invading Afghanistan, Iraq and the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. The purpose of this aggression is to establish a neo colonial regime which will be subservient to the interests of the Anglo American aggressor bloc. Puppet regimes have been installed in Afghanistan and Iraq but this aggressor bloc is having great difficulties in holding down the armed resistance movements of the peoples. In this day and age, the truth about the warmongers of Western Europe and the US is well known in the communist and workers literature around the world.

With comradely greetings

Jalauddin Ansari

London, UK


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