Clinging to state power!

Dear Editor,

The media wants to portray the defeat of the Left parties in West Bengal and Kerala as the defeat of communists. The people need to assess correctly as to whose defeat it really is.

We have had many kinds of elections in our country over the past 60 years. However, none of these elections have brought the slightest change in the living conditions of the people of any state, district, block or village. When the Congress Party declared Emergency in the decade of the '70s and got completely discredited, then the "communist party" saved the Congress and brought it back to power.

The course of privatisation, liberalisation and globalisation was introduced in 1990 under the banner of New Economic Policy. In the final years of the decade, the bourgeoisie used the BJP government to privatise all enterprises. At the same time, the Gujarat genocide was organised. At that time, the Left that was ruling in West Bengal declared that the BJP is communal and the Congress is secular. So they gave the call, "defeat the BJP and bring Congress to power". This was the slogan of parties calling themselves communists. This is how they saved the bourgeois rule from the people's anger. This is how the CPI and CPM have clung to power.

The bourgeoisie has used the CPM and CPI as long as it found them useful and will use them again in the future if it needs to.

Vijay Ghosh,



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