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It is with great interest that I read the statement of the CC of the CGPI dated 28th August, 2011 entitled ``People's will is supreme and not the will of Parliament!''  I would like to record my appreciation to the CC for its detailed and incisive analysis of the situation in the wake of the mass movement led by Shri Anna Hazare on the issue of the Jan Lokpal Bill. 

This movement is the first major mass movement in the country that swept over its entirety and is a result of the long standing anger of the masses with the ruling circles.  The ruling classes sensed that they have faced the first united challenge to their rule and have predictably united to stymie the movement.  At the heart of the crisis the question whether it is the will of the people or whether it is the will of the Parliament that is supreme.  Mr. Rahul Gandhi who represents the most deeply entrenched elements of the ruling circles came out strongly in favour of the latter, while various apologists for the present dispensation have hemmed and hawed in face of this question, with the worst of them trying to discredit the movement by labeling it `middle class'. 

I would like to submit here that also at the heart of the crisis is the question as to what constitutes political power in India, what is the genesis of the power, and the question of who wields it and for what purpose.  This question is directly related to the question of the 1950 Constitution of India, and what its central premises are.  This essence of the latter is the defence of a viciously exploitative system that defends the right of a miniscule minority to exploit the resources and the labour of the vast majority, and the ascendancy of the right of private property.  This has borne itself out in the concentration of vast amount of resources in a few hands whose dictate rules the land.  The state machinery is subservient to these interests and corruption is the oil that keeps this machinery running.  While there is a growing recognition of these facts, for this to become the centre piece of the resistance to the dictate of the private property is yet to become a reality.

The CC of the CGPI in its statement proposes a blueprint for how this is to be realized.  By arguing out its position, the CC has affirmed that there is no substitute for the Navnirman of India.  The statement has once again articulated that the fundamental change that is required is the transfer of the supreme power to the hands of the toilers and the workers and to the institutions that they will build. It is my belief that a day when this will become a reality is not far.


Narayan, Bangalore


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