Down with the petrol price hike


I am writing to respond to the statement of the CC of the CGPI dated 23 September, 2011 entitled "Petrol price hike is an attack on the living standards of millions of working families!" that was carried in the October 1-15, 2011 issue of the MEL in response to the petrol price hike of September 2011. In fact, this letter is being written in November when a further hike of nearly Rs. 2/- per litre of petrol has just taken place. These acts by the Government are an atrocity and must be condemned by one and all. In fact, the public anger has mounted to such an extent that in response some of the UPA's coalition members are even threatening to withdraw from it.

It appears that the Government is deliberately raising the prices in stages so as to try and contain the mounting anger. The Prime Minister, however, has remained unfazed and has offered a justification claiming that it is the markets that must determine the price and that we need to move towards greater deregulation. The Finance Minister, on the other hand has claimed that the price rise is due to the oil companies and not because of the Government.

The statement of the CC on the September price hike, far from being dated in less than a month and half of its issuance, captures important features that will continue to be of significance to all those who seek to understand what is really going on. As the statement points out, these increases are in consonance with the general program of `reforms' of the economy, which necessarily require a broad attack on the standard of living of the masses so that more is extracted from them, to carry out the main aim of the reform program, which is to fatten the biggest industrial houses and the profit taking of these. The statement clearly shows that the market forces have nothing to do with these prices, which are significantly lower in neighbouring countries. Thus the Government carries on with lie after lie. The people of India have a right to ask whether those who are compulsive liars are fit to rule the country or not. In this regard, the statement of the CC backed by its authoritative research and authenticity is a valuable contribution to the continuing struggle that is being waged every day. I would like to end by joining the refrain given by the party that the people must demand that the prices of petrol be brought down immediately.


S. Nair,



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