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I am writing to express my thanks for the article in the February 1-15, 2012 issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar entitled "Air India: The anti-worker and anti-national policy of privatisation must be exposed and resolutely opposed" and would like to express my full agreement with its contents and my solidarity with the brave and fearless AI workers who have been waging pitched battles with the Management and the Government. This struggle is taking place against a background of heightened consciousness of the working class on the one hand, and of a diabolical and nasty bourgeois offensive on the other.

Thus, this struggle reflects the sharpening contradictions between the working class and the bourgeoisie.

The article has documented the facts of the case in a clinical and methodical manner and has demonstrated that the problems of AI are directly attributable to the policies of the Government and of Ministers, past and present. The full fledged interference of the big bourgeoisie is there for all to see. The financial woes of the company are a result of the deliberate policy of the Management, and has little to do with the workers. Thus, expecting the latter today to bear the brunt of the financial problems is manifestly unfair and brutal. The Management has been carrying on with full backing of the Government, using the worst kind of anti-labour practices such as threats and harassment, holding up of pay and benefits to name a few. Other Machiavellian methods of the Management include keeping workers divided and deliberate stoking of internal strife, prevention of proper unionization, demanding No Objection certificates and the like.

The article points out that the Management is deliberately creating conditions so that workers leave the company. The final aim of all this is to allow the vultures to come and peck off the carcass of the company so that a handful of bourgeois interests can make off with the booty.

In the light of the above, I would like to commend the CGPI for its consistent and principled stand in extending unwavering support to the workers of AI. Thus, the call to foil the plan of the Government must be supported.


A. Narayan


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