Replace capitalist democracy with proletarian democracy

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the CC of CGPI for posting the document based on the initiating speech made at the working class conference on the Way Forward held 23-24 December, 2011 by Comrade Lal Singh on behalf of the CC of the CGPI, duly edited based on discussions that took place, on the party web-site.

The document beings by noting that the condition of life under monopoly capitalism and the havoc it has wrecked on the masses world over have given rise `to the necessity for the working class to take the lead in transforming society and setting its future course'.  Stated differently, the need for revolution has never been greater. The document poses the question to all communists whether they are ready to accept that their primary duty is to prepare the working class to take power.

The document in its broad and in depth study of the conditions has provided a valuable reference to the historical necessity that has now arisen under the conditions of monopoly capital dominating the economic sphere.

Indeed, by making references to the Paris Commune and the Russian Revolution the document establishes that the working class has had victories in the past.  Indeed, the tide of counter revolution prevailed in the Soviet Union under capitalist encirclement, wars of destruction and the eventual capitulation and restoration of capitalism.  The document warns that the conditions are now ripening for more wars as the Anglo-French-American camp hones its tactics towards recolonization of the world, and other skulduggery that will eventually lead to a Third World War.

The document has played another yeoman service by providing a succinct history of the Communist movement in the country and traces its rise and subsequent history and pitilessly documents the pitfalls it has faced. The document highlights the importance of practice and warns against all forms of revisionism and buckling to alien influences. The document shows how a failure to come to grips with these trends has led to serious problems for the Communist movement, but notes optimistically that the Indian working class was and continues to have a revolutionary character.  It points out that the CGPI has always appreciated this feature and has rejected all other diversionary lines. The document provides an indepth look into many features of the recent past and the present which are a must for any one interested in securing the future of the country.

Of the features discussed, one of the most important is the illusion mongering about capitalist democracy, in which those in the Communist movement have also been active.  Indeed, the solution to this is to dispel this illusion and to replace it with proletarian democracy.

I am writing to second the call put forth in the document to bring down capitalist democracy the need to fight for proletarian democracy.


A. Narayan, Bangalore 


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